Worried Login Details are NOT Delivered to your New Customers?

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Recently, there has been a problem with Email Delivery in Keap affecting Yahoo/AOL/Verizon and others. You might encounter new members not receiving their login details resulting in a bad user experience.

Fortunately, Memberium has a different way to onboard users, not relying on the Email being sent from Keap.

Memberium has an Auto-login Feature that allows your user to be redirected to your site and automatically log them in from a Keap Order Form.

So the scenario is that the customer purchases the product on a Keap Order Form. Once successful purchase, Memberium will automatically log them in and redirect them to your site where they can change their random password to a password of their choice through a change password form.

You can find your Webform Auto-login in Memberium > Settings > HTTP Post / Links

In my example above the Web Form Auto-login is:


The Auto-login link above consists of different parameters you can change. The one you need to change is the redir parameter. The redir parameter is where you like your users to be redirected to, once the order form has been submitted.

You can read more of this feature here:

It’s best to redirect them to a page where they can change their password. The [memb_change_password] shortcode should generate a change password form.

You can read about [memb_change_password] here:

Let’s say that the shortcode [memb_change_password] is on the page with the URL “https://vidsteps.com/jacky2/change-password/”

My Webform Auto-login would be this:


Once you have the Web Form Auto-login (with the correct redirect). You can then use this as the Thank You Page to Display in your Order Form.

  1. In “Thank You Page to Display” choose “Web Address”
  2. Paste the Web Form Autologin in the URL
  3. Make sure you check “Pass contact’s information to the Thank You Page
  4. Click On Save – Then you are all set!!


Of course, best to test it out if it’s working correctly. 

If you need help setting this up or have further questions, please feel free to contact our support team by sending an email to support@memberium.com or submit a ticket here: http://keap.memberium.com/support/

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