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WooCommerce is only rising in popularity. And now this incredibly common eCommerce solution is fully integrated with Memberium. In our latest update, we’ve ensured these two plugins know how to play nice, and the result is an incredibly easy to run membership site or online course. Let’s look a little closer at how this all works and what the benefits are.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin, and a popular one at that. Put in a Google search for “setting up my own online store” and you’ll almost certainly be routed to it. The prevalence of WooCommerce comes from its easy-to-use nature and the fact that it was designed by WordPress, making it a reliable and trustworthy plugin.

WooCommerce takes care of the four main aspects of selling products digitally: the sale, inventory management, shipping, and secure payments. WooCommerce can even sort your taxes automatically, a huge advantage to the online retailer who may need to navigate the tricky waters of online tax collection.

Storing all these functions in one plugin means you won’t have to pile extensions on top of extensions just to get your product out there. And people trust WooCommerce. Sites that are powered by it can rely on the well-known name to calm customers’ fears about the safety of online purchases.

WooCommerce Membership Sites and Online Courses with Infusionsoft

It might seem like WooCommerce is for merchandise sites hawking physical goods, but WooCommerce is well-suited for selling online content like membership sites, online courses and other digital products. It’s really designed to make navigating the sales process simple no matter what you’re selling.

So all that digital content on your WordPress site? You can use WooCommerce to start turning a profit with it. You can sell online courses, or any digital product sold for a one time fee with WooCommerce and Infusionsoft or Keap using Memberium’s integration with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is free to set up and has an active support community, so you can dive right into it using it if you’re looking for a free e-commerce / shopping cart solution to use with Memberium and Infusionsoft or Keap.

WooCommerce and Infusionsoft/Keap

With online courses and membership sites, you’ll likely want to apply Infusionsoft/Keap tags to a user after their purchase has been made. The ability to do this is included with Memberium. There’s no need to mess with stacks of additional plugins trying to assign the proper Infusionsoft or Keap tags to paying customers through your WooCommerce store.

Now applying Infusionsoft tags to users after a purchase is a core feature of Memberium. With this new integration, your membership site should run more smoothly than ever. Imagine a user’s purchase automatically updating what content they can see and they get sent their welcome info and any other onboarding emails sent after. This is the level of automation you can expect with Memberium and WooCommerce working together.

Using Memberium’s Woocommerce + Infusionsoft / Keap integration is really easy. In this post, we’ll go over the steps of setting everything up for your site to basically run itself.

Memberium with WooCommerce – A Great Alternative or Addition to Other Infusionsoft / Keap WooCommerce Plugins

Memberium integrates with WooCommerce to make automating your WooCommerce sales even easier. Pairing these two extensions together allows for easier control over how purchases affect your members’ status. When a user upgrades their membership or purchases a course, you want the change to be instantaneous. They need to immediately see their new content. Memberium’s integration with WooCommerce makes that transition simple.

The goal of this integration is to limit the amount of manual work that goes into running a membership site with WooCommerce. Memberium’s WC integration allows you to automatically take care of previously arduous manual tasks like syncing a members info across both Infusionsoft and WooCommerce records. Or triggering off an Infusionsoft automation (like applying a tag) after a successful WooCommerce purchase is made.

Memberium provides a two part integration with WooCommerce.

Contact Syncing

Memberium will automatically sync the contact’s WooCommerce billing and shipping address with the Infusionsoft contact record. When a password is generated through WooCommerce, that password is also sent to Infusionsoft and can be emailed to the user if you wish.

Applying Tags on Purchase

Our latest updates include a new part of the integration that allows you to apply a tag to a user when they make a purchase through WooCommerce. This allows you to apply membership tags to the user without the need for any connector plugins.

If you’re currently using a connector plugin, you can continue to use it without concerning yourself with this integration.

Apply Tags on Payment Failure

Memberium also enables you to apply tags when a payment fails. This is used with WooCommerce subscriptions, a paid WooCommerce addon.

When a payment fails the first time, the PAYF tag you set for that product is applied. You may have configured automatic payment retries. If an automatic retry is successful or if the customer updates their card and successful payment is made. The PAYF tag is automatically removed by Memberium.


Getting Ready to Use the Integration

The contact syncing part of the integration is automatic. There are no settings you need to configure to make that work. Memberium will try to sync any contact data it can provided an Infusionsoft record for that contact exists. The problem is that WooCommerce doesn’t create the user in Infusionsoft when a purchase is made. In order for the integration to work, the user does need to be in Infusionsoft.

Memberium handles this with a setting called “Sync New Registrations to Infusionsoft”

Enable this setting to, well, sync any new registrations to Infusionsoft. Anytime a WordPress record is created, Memberium will create a new record for that contact in Infusionsoft (if it doesn’t already exist).

Enabling this allows the rest of the integration to work.

Disable Guest Checkout

WooCommerce allows you to checkout without creating an account on the site. However, we recommend disabling this guest checkout option.

From WooCommerce Settings > Accounts & Privacy, remove the checkmark from “Allow customers to place orders without an account”.


When this option is enabled, no user account in WordPress would be created and therefore Memberium won’t create an account for the user in Infusionsoft nor apply any tag to the user. This is the reason why recommend disabling guest checkout from WooCommerce settings.

Setting up Products and Subscriptions

The apply tags integration works with one-time purchase products and with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

One-Time Products

If you’re selling a membership that has a one-time fee, you don’t need the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. On the product editing page to the right-hand side, you’ll see our integration box. You’ll mainly use the top box which will allow you to apply an access tag to a user when they make their initial purchase. If their payment fails, you cancel the order through WooCommerce, or you set the order to on-hold, then the next three boxes would determine which tags get applied respectively.

Selling Subscriptions

Subscriptions work the exact same way. You’ll configure the tags just as you did above. Those tags will usually correspond to the membership tags that are automatically created by Memberium.

To confirm, when members self-cancel through WooCommerce, their subscription access will continue through the end of the current billing period and at the end of the billing period (what they’ve already paid for) the Cancel tag will be applied.

Things to Be Aware Of

  • When you use WooCommerce to process payments, Memberium’s eCommerce shortcodes will no longer work as they hook into Infusionsoft (the system you’re replacing).
  • WooCommerce provides it’s own credit card update forms and pages for order/subscription management

Can Memberium be used in place of InfusedWoo?

  • If you just need to apply an Infusionsoft tag after a successful WooCommerce purchase and have the user be added to Infusionsoft automatically, Memberium’s integration can be used to help you do that by itself. You can apply specific tags for each WooCommerce product purchased. You can also apply tags in Infusionsoft after a recurring payment for a specific product fails.
  • The one thing that we don’t do is, a user’s order data will not be stored in Infusionsoft. It will still be stored in a users WordPress contact record and can be pulled up. If you need WooCommerce order data stored in their Infusionsoft record, there’s other plugins capable of syncing that info such as InfusedWoo if you need that specific functionality.

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