How to Offer a $1 Trial Using Memberium for Infusionsoft

In this video, I walk you through setting up a $1 trial using Infusionsoft Order Forms. Using the techniques in the video, you can actually offer a paid trial of any amount ($1, $10, $50, etc). You can also vary the length of the trial – “$1 7-Day Trial” or “$3.99 1-Month Trial”

When it comes to offering any sort of access with Memberium, Memberium looks at the tags the member has. We don’t really look or care about how much they’ve paid. What this means is that as long as you apply the correct membership tags after the order is submitted, you can create any offer you want inside of Infusionsoft and it’ll work with Memberium.

When offering a paid trial, you may want to automatically move the member into a full-price, paid subscription. If that’s the case, you’ll use an Infusionsoft actionset to create a new order (that contains the full-price subscription) and set that to run x number of days after the trial order is submitted. For example, if you wanted to offer a 7-day trial, you’d set a delay timer for 7 days and then run the actionset that upgrades them to the full subscription.

I cover how you can use your existing delivery campaigns with the offer, but if you don’t already have campaigns created, please watch this video where I’ll walk you through setting up an onboarding/welcome campaign in Infusionsoft.

Setting Up $1 Trial in Infusionsoft

On your Infusionsoft dashboard, go to your main list of products and find the product you’d like to offer a trial for. In the video example, this product is the Gold Membership.

Also listed on your Products page is the option for a $1 Trial. Click on that product, and once the screen loads, set the product price to $1. Save your changes.

From there, go to your E-Commerce tab, then click on the E-Commerce Setup option. Once the screen loads, click on Order Forms.

Choose to Create a New Order Form and name it as you wish. The video example names the order form “$1 Gold Trial Offer.”

Open the form, then in the Product section, make sure that the $1 trial offer is listed.

Be sure to click the box at the bottom of the page that prevents customers from changing the quantity of the product.

Also, be sure to describe your product in its title well enough to where customers are aware that they will be charged after the trial is over. Save your changes.

If you navigate to the actual order form, you should see the $1 trial information at the top left of the page, under the Product heading. It should be noted as whatever you decided to name the offer. The video example called their product, “$1 Gold Trial- 7 Days.”

Set Up Action Set

Go to your main navigation tabs again and under CRM, you’ll see a Settings option. Click the Settings option, then click Action Sets when available.

Choose to Add an Action Set, then name your action set. The video example is called “$1 Trial Gold Upgrade.”

Under the Actions bar, choose “Create an Order” from the drop-down list. Save your changes. Then, press Edit to edit your action set.

Under Subscription Plan Name, choose Gold- Every Month from the drop-down menu. Click Add and Save your changes again.

Finally, go back to your main navigations and click on Campaign Builder.

Open one of your campaigns that the $1 trial applies to. View the product through Infusionsoft. Add the Product Purchased goal, then configure the purchase and choose “Specific Purchase” from the choices listed.

Choose the $1 Trial as the product. Save your changes.

You can set up a delay timer to extend the original four days listed to seven by setting the delay for three days.

To finish, you can choose to run the $1 action set that you just set up. All of your welcome emails, tags, reminders, and additional details can be kept in one place.

The video above explains how to offer a $1 paid trial. Depending on your site, you may want to offer a non-paid, free trial. If you’d like to watch a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a completely free trial offer, please see this video guide.

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