How to Offer a Free Trial Using Memberium for Infusionsoft

If you’d like to see how to set up a $1 trial offer, see this video.

Infusionsoft allows you to offer free trials on subscription-based products. This way, you can encourage members to sign up to receive content, then bill their credit card once the free trial has passed.

In this video, I walk you through setting up a free trial using Infusionsoft Order Forms.

The great thing about setting up the free trial this way is that it works with your existing onboarding/delivery campaigns (where you apply membership tags, generate passwords, and send welcome emails).

Free Trial Setting in Infusionsoft

On your InfusionSoft dashboard, go to the E-Commerce Setup option from the main navigation choices. From there, choose the Promotions tab and click “Discounts, Free Trials, and Upsales.”

Once the new screen populates, there is a drop-down menu to the right of the page. In this menu, click “Add New” then scroll down to “Subscription Free Trial.”

Again, when the new screen populates, enter the name of your free trial. You can also add a description of your product if you’d like. Then, under the “Subscription Plan” bar, choose the appropriate name from the list of options.

Enter the number of days you would like your free trial to last (usually 7), and save your changes.

Check Your Progress

To check and make sure this step was done correctly, go back to the main navigation options, and choose “E-Commerce Setup” again. Go to the Checkout tab and clock “Order Forms”.

When the new screen populates, find the title of the order form you created and click on it. Once the page loads, make sure the correct product is listed in the Product bar, then ensure that your billing cycle is in the correct frequency (usually monthly).

Click the box that does not allow your customer to change the quantity, and save your changes.

Following this step, preview your order form. It should show the product listed, and display the free trial information at the top of the page, noted as “X days free, then X dollars/month”.

You can also choose to send a reminder when the free trial is about to end. On the Product Purchased menu, you can check and determine your product is correctly set up, then Configure the Tag. Once that is done, you can add a delay timer for a selected number of days.

Finally, add an email reminder that lets the customer know that the trial is going to expire and they are about to be billed regularly for the subscription.

If you need to set up a welcome/onboarding campaign, please watch this video here.

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