9. Managing Failed Payments

This video will focus on automating the process of handling failed payments. By using Memberium’s eCommerce features and Infusionsoft’s billing automation together, you will be able to set up automatic responses to certain payment issues like declined or expired credit and debit cards.

By using the payment failure tag, you can set your website to deny access to members who have failed payments and instead route them to your chosen home page. You can design your own “failed payment” page or use one of Memberium’s templates.

We also walk you through creating billing automations from the Infusionsoft dashboard. Once you master this process, you will be able to customize different triggers in Infusionsoft related to billing. In this video, we focus on the “when an autocharge is attempted” trigger and show you how to connect this trigger to the payment failure tag.

It is important that you create two triggers. One trigger should apply the payment failure tag to users whose payment methods are declined and the other should remove the payment failure tag whenever a payment goes through. You will need both of these triggers to properly automate your website.

Now when a member’s payment doesn’t go through, they will lose access to your content, be redirected to your “failed payment” homepage and be sent an email notification.

To fully test your newly created billing automations, you will have to use a real credit card. However, there are several workarounds that can give you a good idea of whether or not you’ve got everything set up correctly without having to process a real payment. We’ll also be covering these testing methods in this video.

Now that you’ve completed the steps we’ve outlined here, your Memberium membership site will be ready and fully automated.

Click Here for the shortcode used to generate the Add/Update Credit Card form.

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