8. Canceling Members

In this video, we cover how to allow your members to self-cancel, how to stop membership access, and how to manually cancel users.

This video has the answers to all your questions about canceling members. We will cover:

  • Allowing members to self-cancel their accounts
  • Manually canceling members
  • Stopping user access to content

If you have been watching our video series so far, then you will already have the cancellation tag set up and ready to implement. If you do not have the cancellation tag, then review our video on membership levels.

Pairing a cancellation tag with a membership level tag will withhold membership content from a user. If your website has different membership levels, you will need to have different membership cancellation tags to match each level.

Once you are familiar with what cancellation tags are and how they work, this video will guide you through the process of creating an action set that will run whenever a membership is canceled, either manually by you or automatically through Memberium’s automation.

Within this action set, you will have the option to queue up other actions beyond membership cancellation. For example, you can have a farewell email or an email asking for their feedback automatically sent to users who cancel.

End date and cancellation actions

This video will walk you through the difference between activating an immediate cancellation or triggering cancellation at the subscription end date. Both are possible with the cancellation tag. With Memberium and Infusionsoft, you will have the option to use either of these methods.

The cancellation tag is not to be confused with the failed payment tag, which you will learn about in our next video.

Click Here for the shortcode shown at 3:20 in the video.

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