5 Useful Tips for Memberium Umbrella Accounts

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The Umbrella Account feature of Memberium, also known as parent – child gives your customers the power to create sub-accounts for their own use. For example, a parent user can create a child account and also remove it through a self-service interface.

In this article, lets take a look at a few tips that allows you to do more with Umbrella Accounts.

1) Pass parent’s email address to child user:

Sometimes you might want to pass the parent’s email address to your child user, and then perhaps display it on your Dashboard page, or any other page.

To do this, you’ll just add this extra line in your [umbrella_enroll_child] shortcode.

<input type="hidden" [memb_contact fields=Email htmlattr=value] name="_customfield">

Basically this will pass the parent’s email address to child user’s “Customfield”.

You’d need to replace the “customfield” with your own custom field’s name.

You can then use the below shortcode to display this field to child users:

[memb_contact fields=_Customfield]

2) Show the LearnDash progress of child user to parent user

We have a shortcode – [umbrella_ld_course_info] that allows you to display the LearnDash course progress of a child user to your parent user.

You’ll first create a page that lists the children and use code such as this:

[memb_contact contact_id= fields=FirstName]
<a href="https://yourwebsite.com/child-progress-page?contact_id={{contact.id}}">View LearnDash Progress</a>

Once you’ve created that, you’ll now need to create “/child-progress-page/” (the page we are linking to in the example above) and on that page, you’d need to simply put this:


Also note that the user has to be the parent to view the child, so you can’t use it to view other people’s course progress, but just your child’s info.

3) How to know who’s the parent of a particular child user, or vice-versa

There are multiple ways to know details on relationship of parent-child.

– > You can do a search using ReferralCode field.

All parents have referral code starting with “prnt” and all child users have a referral code starting with “chld”.

For example, let’s say you want to find all child users of a particular parent user.

You’d first visit the parents record in Infusionsoft, find its ReferralCode field and it’d be something like “prnt-a34adj2dapl”.

Copy this and change the prnt to chld, and it’d be now “chld-a34adj2dapl”.

You can now just do a search on Infusionsoft for this ReferralCode, and it would then display a list of child users having this referral code.

To search, you can go to Contacts > View Contacts and click on the “New search” button.

referral code field

– > Another method to do this would be to follow the tip #1 above. If you follow this method, you’d just need to search for the email address, instead of ReferralCode field.

4) Hide the “Disconnect” button

Want to hide the “Disconnect” button that’s displayed when using [umbrella_list_children] ? It’s simple, and you’d just need to use the following CSS code:

input[value=Disconnect] {
display: none;


5) Generating password, applying tags and sending email to Child users

When a new child user is added, you can perform various actions such as generate their password, apply any tags and even send them and email containing their login details and any other information related to their membership.

You can do this using “Child Added Actionset” from Memberium > Umbrella Accounts page.

child actionset

You’d first need to create an actionset in Infusionsoft and then select it from this drop-down.

Same way, you can also create a child cancel actionset as well as Parent added actionset.

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