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In this guide, I’ll show you how to migrate to Memberium for Infusionsoft from iMember360.

There are two approaches to this migration. You can use the Memberium Installation Wizard which will do most of the migration work for you, or you can use manually migrate which is still a simple process with only a few steps.

Pro Tip

We recommend that you use the Memberium Installer as it will automatically convert all of your membership levels from iMember360 into Memberium membership levels using the same Infusionsoft tags.

Once this process is complete you’ll want to review your membership levels to be sure they’ve all been carried over properly.

Option 1: Use the Wizard

A migration from iMember360 may be one of the simplest migrations we’ve documented. As with any migration to Memberium, there are three major steps:

  1. Migrate your Contacts
  2. Migrate & Protect your Content
  3. Migrate Billing

The reason this migration is simple is that steps 1, 2, and 3 are almost all completed for you.

Migrate Your Contacts

The first step is to get your contacts into Infusionsoft.

Since iMember360 works similar to Memberium in that all the data is already in Infusionsoft – there is nothing you need to do on your end.

All of your contact data, passwords, tags, and memberships will transfer over without you needing to do any work on your end.

Migrate & Protect Your Content

The next step is getting your content into WordPress and protected by Memberium. Once again, this step is already completed for you by the Memberium Installation Wizard.

Our wizard will automatically migrate your existing membership levels, and it will carry over the content protection settings you had configured on each page/post.

Using our installation wizard, this step will be completed automatically with no work needing to be done on your end other than reviewing everything after the wizard has run.

Migrate Your Billing

Lastly, you’ll want to migrate your billing. If you’re already handling your billing through Infusionsoft as recommended by iMember360 then you’re all set.

Memberium works the same way in that we integrate with Infusionsoft to manage billing. All your customer billing information such as credit cards, billing addresses, etc. is stored in Infusionsoft – not in Memberium or iMember360.

You’ll be able to switch to Memberium without requiring any of your members to re-enter any billing information.

Option 2: Migrate Manually

Just as with migrating using our recommended wizard – migrating manually is still relatively simple.

You’ll migrate your contacts, content, and then any billing shortcodes you may have been using.

I’ve outlined the process below with images so you can follow along.

Have questions? Need a hand?

We understand migrating can be challenging, but we’re here to guide you through the whole process.

If you have any questions or would like to get 1-on-1 help with anything related to switching to Memberium, join one of our support agents, Memberium’s Developer, and myself every Tuesday and Thursday on Office Hours.
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Migrate Your Contacts

All of your contacts will already be ported over. There is nothing you need to do in order to migrate them.

To ensure passwords continue to work, go to Memberium > Settings > Login and make sure at the top the password field is the same as you were using in iMember360. If you never changed it in iMember360, then you can also leave the default Memberium places.

It’s also key to note that all the tags members have will remain on their Infusionsoft record. In the next step, I’ll show you how to create membership levels from the existing tags.

Migrate & Protect Your Content

All of your content is already in WordPress. The only thing you’ll need to do is
re-protect it with Memberium rather than iMember360.

Creating Membership Levels

First, you’ll need to create your membership levels from your existing tags. Since you already had tags created in iMember360 – we’ll use those existing tags to create membership levels in Memberium.

Go to Memberium > Membership and click on the “Create New Membership Level”

Then enter your Membership Name and select the already created tag from the dropdown. This is going to be the tag your members already have in Infusionsoft.

Once you’ve selected the tag, you’ll scroll down to the bottom and click “Save” and you’ll then see your membership level has been created.

Repeat these steps for each of the membership levels you had in iMember360.

Protecting Content

Now that you’ve created your membership levels, you’re ready to protect your pages and posts with them.

On each page or post, you’ll see (screenshot above) your membership levels listed with checkboxes next to them. Just like in iMemebr360, if you select a checkbox, members will need that membership in order to see the page.

You can keep iMember360 activated while going through your pages and posts so you can easily copy the settings from the iMember box into the Memberium content protection box.

You’ll do this for all your content and then move to the next step.

Migrate Your Billing

When it comes to migrating your billing, there isn’t anything you’ll need to change on your end.

Like iMember360 – Memberium integrates with Infusionsoft to process payments. Since you’re not switching from Infusionsoft, all the billing data will remain and Memberium will be able to see that data.

You will need to update any client portal / my account pages with our eCommerce shortcodes. For example, you can use our [memb_add_creditcard] shortcode to allow members to securely update their card in Infusionsoft right from your site.

You can see a list of all our shortcodes here. If you’re having trouble finding a feature you were using in iMember360 in Memberium, reach out to our support team so we can help you.

Final Items to Check

  • Review any custom shortcodes and recreate them in Memberium.
  • Review your widgets in WordPress. Any iMember360 specific widgets will vanish when you uninstall iMember360, and you’ll need to re-create them in Memberium
  • Search your pages, posts and other content types for iMember360 shortcodes. You can easily do this by searching for the text of “i4w_”.
  • Review your pages, posts, and other content types, and make sure the security settings match what was previously on the page.
  • Review action sets, legacy web forms, legacy order forms, billing triggers and campaigns for HTTP POSTs to iMember360 functions. Replace them with Memberium equivalents.
  • Review Email templates for iMember360 AutoLogin links, replace with Memberium AutoLogin links.
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