New User Registration Tag

This is the tag that is applied to users who register through the WordPress registration function. This is experimental and currently used with social media logins. This setting is optional.

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How to Improve Your Email Deliverability in 2020 with Adrian Savage

If you’ve thought to yourself recently ‘email isn’t working nearly as well as it used to for my business…’

Or ‘my open and click through rates are getting lower and lower’ and you aren’t sure what to do about it…

Then you’ll want to watch this video to get some expert answers. In this new video interview and article, Adrian Savage shares what’s changed with the way that email deliverability works.

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How to Integrate Sensei LMS with Infusionsoft using Memberium

Woo Sensei (Sensei) is Woo Themes entree into the Learning Management System (LMS) space for WordPress. Now owned by Automattic, Sensei is the more expensive option alongside LearnDash and WP Courseware. You can learn more about Woo Sensei at their site. Memberium’s integration for Woo Sensei includes, Automated Course Enrollment, Lesson access controlled by tags, and course and lesson completion support for Campaign Builder, tags and legacy Actionsets.

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Improving Your Retention & New Member Onboarding with Tyler Garns

Two of your biggest challenges (and biggest opportunities) if you’re running an established membership site are going to be improving your retention and overall engagement.

In this new video, Tyler Garns from Box Out Marketing walks us through their unique process of how they onboard new members to their membership site, Successlab.

Focusing on getting more of your members to stick right from the start of their membership can have a huge impact on improving your retention (and on the overall bottom line of your business).

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How to Offer a $1 Trial Using Memberium for Infusionsoft

In this video, I walk you through setting up a $1 trial using Infusionsoft Order Forms. Using the techniques in the video, you can actually offer a paid trial of any amount ($1, $10, $50, etc). You can also vary the length of the trial – “$1 7-Day Trial” or “$3.99 1-Month Trial” When it comes to offering any sort of access with Memberium….

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How to Offer a Free Trial Using Memberium for Infusionsoft

In this video, I walk you through setting up a free trial using Infusionsoft Order Forms. The great thing about setting up the free trial this way is that it works with your existing onboarding/delivery campaigns (where you apply membership tags, generate passwords, and send welcome emails).

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How to Quickly Create Lesson Pages Using Memberium’s Page Templates

Creating lesson pages is a key part of building an online course. You can take advantage of Memberium’s free page templates to quickly get these pages published. You don’t need to spend any time working on the design as we’ve done that for you.

This video covers how to add your content to the template and customize the layout if needed.

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