How to Manually Update Memberium to v2.171 – Error Fix

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A Memberium plugin update released this past week (v2.166) could be causing some issues on your site.  If you manually upgrade Membeirum to version 2.171 that should fix the issue for you.

If you see that your site is already running v2.171 of Memberium through your ‘plugins’ page, then you’re site was able to auto-updated successfully and no action needs to be taken on your end.

If your site is experiencing any issues and is not running v2.171 currently, here’s how to quickly fix the issue and make sure your site stays up and running as normal…

Step 1: Log In As an Admin User to Your WP Site​

First, login to your WordPress site as an admin user.

If you’re unable to login, add this to the end of your site URL: /wp-login.php?action=override

For example:

Step 2: Manually Update Memberium to 2.171

In the admin area, go to:

Memberium > Support > Updates > Select ‘v2.171’ from the drop down list of updates > Check the ‘Confirm Update’ box > Then click the ‘Update’ button

Step 3: Verify Your License Status

Next we’ll want to make sure your Memberium license is active and can reach our license server successfully.

Go to Memberium -> Support -> Dashboard > Click Renew License > Click it a second time to make sure it’s updated again.

Wait 2-3 minutes for your server to refresh, then after this you should see, your license status being listed as: “Active”


This should update your site and everything should be working normally after this. Making sure your site stays up and running is our number one priority. We’re sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience and are doing everything we can to fix this issue. 

If you need any help or are not able to update your site as described, please email so we can assist you quickly.

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