How to Integrate Ultimate Member with Memberium for Infusionsoft – Two Way Field Syncing

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Ultimate Member is a plugin that allows you to create member directories, member profile pages, and it also contains basic membership functionality. We, at Memberium, like Ultimate Member for its profile and member directory functionality. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can allow your members to use Ultimate Member to manage and update a profile page and member listing that is synced to Infusionsoft using Memberium for Infusionsoft.

Setting Up the Profile Pages

After you install Ultimate Member on your site, you’ll be prompted to set up the default pages. One of those is the member profile page. It looks something like this by default:
You can edit what fields are on the profile page by going to Ultimate Member > Forms > Default Profile


There you can add more fields to the profile form:
This is where you can integrate Ultimate Member with Memberium/Infusionsoft fields. Let’s look at it step-by-step.

Memberium Integration

The Memberium integration is enabled through our Sync Meta Updates feature. You can read more about it by following this link, but in summary, enabling the feature will store the Infusionsoft fields in WordPress as user meta. Ultimate Member also stores its field data as user meta meaning we can link the two together by using the same user meta field name

If you‘re not familiar with user meta or none of that made any sense, follow the steps below to see exactly how to set this up and it should clear up any confusion.

1) Enable Sync Meta Updates

Go to Memberium > Settings > Performance and enable the “Sync Meta Updates” option.

2) Get Field Names

After you‘ve turned on Sync Meta Updates, you now need to get the database names for the fields you want to use. The easiest way to get these is to open a user record in WordPress and scroll down to the Memberium section:
You can see a list of all the field names and it‘s formatted exactly how Memberium and Ultimate Member will need it. For example, we can see the first name field is FirstName.


We can also see the custom field is _TextArea


The custom fields in the list are prefixed with an underscore: _

3) Setup Fields in Ultimate Member

Now that you know the field names, you can go to Ultimate Member and edit the profile form. The box where you tell Ultimate Member to use the existing Memberium/Infusionsoft usermeta field is the “Meta Key” box. You’ll place in that box without quotes “memb_” and then the field name that you gathered earlier.
For example, memb_FirstName or memb__CustomField could be placed in the field. For the custom field, you’ll notice there are double underscored. One underscore for the “memb_” and the other underscore beacuse the field name which you gathered in step 2 also included an underscore. You will need both.


That’s all there is to connecting Ultimate Member fields to Memberium and Infusionsoft. At this point, you and your users can update the field in either Ultimate Member or Infusionsoft and they will be synced both ways – a two way sync.
If you’re struggling to get this working, contact our support team by clicking here.

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