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Integration On-Hold

Due to recent updates, our integration with TEC is currently not included in the plugin. We’re trying to work with TEC to get our integration working again. This post will be updated once we’ve heard back from them.

We’re excited to announce that the latest Memberium release includes built-in integration with The Events Calendar.

How to Enable the Integration

The integration is fully automatic. This means you don’t need to do anything or switch any setting on.

All you’ll do is protect your events and Memberium will take care of the rest.

Dynamically Show/Hide Events Based on Keap Tags

When you go to create a new event, you’ll see the Memberium Protection box. You can use the settings just like you normally would. Any protected event will be hidden from the calendar unless the viewer has the correct memberships/tags to view it.

Dynamically Show/Hide Events Based on ActiveCampaign Tags

The same thing I’ve explained above for Keap also works with ActiveCampaign.

You’ll be able to protect events with membership levels and ActiveCampaign tags. If a member doesn’t have the required tag to see a certain event, it will be hidden from the calendar or list.

Possible Use Cases

Although the use cases for this are possibly infinite, here are a few we could think of:

  • Weekly coaching calls for VIP members – only visible to VIPs
  • Show paid trainings and workshops
  • List upcoming course content releases only to those who have purchased said course



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