Tag Builder Pro – Create Tag Category

You can use the “Create Tag Category” option of the Tag Builder Pro section to create a new tag category in Infusionsoft that can be used immediately in WordPress/Memberium. You don’t need to leave WordPress to create tags, categories, or memberships when you’re using Memberium.

Key Concept

Creating a tag category through this feature simply allows you to stay in WordPress – normally you’d have to go into Infusionsoft to do this. It’s important to understand this isn’t a separate, Memberium-specific category system. These categories will show up in Infusionsoft for use there and in Memberium.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Enter the name of the category in the box. We recommend keeping the name short and simple. (i.e. Memberships, Marketings, etc)
  2. Click the “Create” button.

At this point, Memberium will have created the category in Infusionsoft and made it available for use within Memberium itself.

The benefit to this is you can now use the new category in the dropdowns above this option for creating new tags and membership levels without ever leaving the page.


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