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You can use the “Create Drip Tags” option in the Tag Builder Pro section to create multiple tags at once.

You may find that you need a tag for each lesson, week, or piece of content. It would be highly time-consuming to create these each individually. Memberium offers you a way to create a series of numbered tags quickly without ever leaving WordPress.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Enter the base tag name in the first box. This name will be included at the beginning of each tag that is created. For example, if we type in “Gold Course Lesson” then the resulting tags would look like “Gold Course Lesson 1”, “Gold Course Lesson 2”, etc.

2. In the Start box, input the starting tag number you’d like. Normally this will be a “1”.

3. In the End box, enter the last number in the sequence of tags to create. This will be the last tag that’s created.

4. Use the dropdown to select the Infusionsoft tag category that these new drip tags will be created in.

5. Click the Create Button to create the new tags.


Example 1: You have a new course and want a tag for each lesson. Your course is named “Gold Course” and you have 15 lessons.

As the image above shows, you’d type in “Gold Course Lesson”, set the start to “1”, and the end to “15”. I’ve also set up a category to place the tags into (to keep things organized in Infusionsoft).

This would create a total of 15 tags – one for each lesson.

Example 2: Continuing from the first example, let’s say you added 5 more lessons to your Gold Course. You now need a total of 20 tags (15 of which are already created).

You would set the start to “16” since you left off last time at 15. You would set the end to “20”. The result would be an additional 5 tags totaling 20 tags when combined with the first example.


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