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Have you ever created a tag in Infusionsoft for use inside of Memberium only to get in WordPress and realize the tag isn’t there? This is because Memberium syncs all your tags, actionsets, etc. on a set schedule to limit resource consumption.

However, we understand that you may need a tag or actionset synced immediately. You can instruct Memberium to perform an immediate sync with Infusionsoft by clicking the “Synchronize Infusionsoft” button located without the plugin dashboard.

The Synchronize Infusionsoft button can be accessed under Memberium > Support > Dashboard:

Clicking this button instructs Memberium to resynchronize some of the infrequently changing information about your Infusionsoft App immediately rather than wait for a pre-scheduled synchronization.

Clicking this button will resynchronize the following information:

  • Actionsets
  • Affiliate List
  • Custom Fields
  • Products
  • Subscription Plans
  • Tag Categories
  • Tags

Note: This does not resynchronize all of your contacts. Contacts are resynchronized during login or when their caches expire.

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