Synchronize eCommerce Records

In order to optimize API usage, Memberium lets you control which data you synchronize during login based on your needs.

The Synchronize Ecommerce Records option lets you enable or disable looking up and synchronizing the contact’s ECommerce information during login. This includes order and subscription history, credit card data and invoice data.

If you’re using our eCommerce Shortcodes such as [memb_list_invoices], [memb_list_subscriptions], or [memb_show_receipt] then you’ll need this option turned on in order for that data to be synced into Memberium.

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9 ways to add more value to your membership site

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This function extends your Infusionsoft system to enable you to do various math operations, and store the results in an Infusionsoft field for later use. These values can also be used in Campaign Builder’s decision diamonds to dynamically route your contacts through the workflow.

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