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Under Memberium > Sync Options, you’ll see a list of your tag categories and a list of your contact fields that can be synced, or stopped from syncing with Infusionsoft. On this page there are separate tabs for “Tag categories” and “Contact Fields”.

Example of Tag Category Sync Setting…

You’d need to select the tag categories that you’d like to sync.

Using the top 5 Infusionsoft tag categories in the image below as an example…
Shows Infusionsoft tag categories that are synced vs not synced for membership usage.

It WOULD SYNC “Actions” and “Clicks” because they ARE selected.

It WOULD NOT SYNC “Affiliates, Bad Webform Submissions and Behavior”, because they are NOT selected.

The above example is provided for demonstration purposes and is not a good way to configure your tag sync. If you use this option we recommend only syncing ONE tag category. Syncing 2 or more tag categories will cause a performance drop.

Example of Infusionsoft Contact Field Sync Setting…

Here, you’d need to select the contact fields that you DON’T want to sync with Infusionsoft.

Using the top 5 contact fields in the image below as an example…
The fields selected in this image will not be synced when logging in using Infusionsoft.

It WOULD NOT SYNC “Address2Street1, Address2Street2 and Address2Type” because they ARE selected (for exclusion).

It WOULD SYNC “AccountId and Address1Type”, because they are NOT selected.

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