Supporting Digital Product Sales

You can use Memberium to protect pages and on those pages host your digital products and services.

In Page Digital Content

Memberium has a built in video player that will use your amazons3 files for video if you’d like to use it to play the video itself. You can also use Memberium along with Vimeo, Wistia, or services to deliver your video services, and then use Memberium to protect the page where they put their video embed code. (ultimately protecting access to the videos on a user by user basis).

Downloadable Digital Content

For digital downloads, we can support anything from regular documents to zip files of software. We have a very strong Amazon S3 integration, enabling you to host your product files on Amazon S3, and provide links to allow download to certain members only. These links are dynamically built on a per-user basis and cannot be used outside of Memberium.

For documentation on setting this up, please refer further to our specific feature documentation:

Documentation Reference

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