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This allows you to to define a tag that when present, will let you ban a user from ever logging into the site. The “Ban Tag” will override all other access controls and prevent the user from logging in if present.

“Site Ban Tag” can be set inside Memberium => Settings => Content protection tab.

Pro Tip
Do NOT use this tag to normally expire or turn off access. This tag is a blunt instrument used to prevent someone from ever logging on and getting access to the site in the future.

An example of when to use the Site Ban tag would be with an abusive member who you want to block from having access even if they sneak back in.

If you’re looking to revoke a member’s access normally, such as after the expiration of service, then you want to either remove their membership tag, or apply a cancel tag.

Any tag can be used as the “Site Ban” tag.

Administrator accounts are not connected to Infusionsoft contacts, and are not affected by the Site Ban tag.

This setting is optional, and by default will not check for the tag.

If you would like help with the Site Ban Tag, cancelling member’s access normally, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact support

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