Show Advanced Options

This setting determines whether or not the advanced configuration options will be displayed in your administration menus.

This setting allows two options, “Yes” or “No”; and the default setting is “No”.

When set to “Yes”, additional menu options and settings will be displayed. None of these settings are needed for normal site operation, and setting them incorrectly may cause problems with your site. Changing this setting to “No” will not disable the effects of the advanced settings, it will only hide their appearance in the menus.

Advanced Settings Defaults

The Memberium Advanced Settings come preconfigured with what we refer to as “Sane Defaults”. They’re the settings that should provide the most reliable operation for the widest range of sites.

If you’re interested in changing these defaults, please do feel free to review our documentation and to reach out to us to discuss what settings may yield the best results for your site.

This feature first appears in Memberium v2.40

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