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This shortcode allows you to display a list of LifterLMS courses together to create a single “course library” page for your membership site. Three LifterLMS courses are listed per row. Requires the latest version of the Memberium page templates to work. Can be used in any WordPress page or post, no page builder plugin is required to use this shortcode.

Shortcode Examples

Here’s an example of this shortcode being used to list multiple LifterLMS courses on a single WordPress page to make a single ‘course directory’ or ‘course library page.

Members that can access a course will be able to click through and track their course progress once started, as the first two courses are shown above here. If a member doesn’t have access to a course, that course will appear as being “locked”, as the bottom course does above.

Here’s an example use of this shortcode completely filled out…

[membc_course-grid-lifterlms-basic membership_level="Silver" course_completion_tag_id="198" lms_course_id="1904" course_link="https://your-course-link-goes-here.com/course-1" course_image_url="http://via.placeholder.com/600x600" course_title="Your Course Title Goes Here" course_description="Insert a brief description of what a member will learn from completing this section of your membership site or delete this sentence if you don't want to include one."]

Shortcode Parameters​

membership_level: The membership level name(s) that can access this course. If you’d like to include multiple membership levels, include a comma separated list of membership names within this parameter. The membership level name used must exactly match the “Level Name” set in your site’s ‘Memberium Membership Settings.’

course_completion_tag_id: The Infusionsoft tag ID of the course completion tag that gets applied when this specific course is completed. Once added correctly, a green check box will appear over the course image for members who have completed this course.

lms_course_id: The LifterLMS course ID, or LifterLMS course ‘post ID’, that you’re linking to. Here’s where to find the LifterLMS course ID for a specific course. Once set, a LifterLMS progress bar will automatically appear below the description to display a logged in members course progress.

course_link: The URL of the LifterLMS course that you want to link to.

course_image_url: The image URL you would like to display as the image shown for the course. You can use WordPress’ media editor to easily manage your images and copy the image URL from, here’s an example.

course_title: The course title that you want to have listed.

course_description: A brief, optional description of the course.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)
Accepts Formatting: No (?)

Additional Information

This shortcode and css styling used comes pre-packaged with the latest version of Memberium’s page templates. If you’d like to have them installed please contact support and ask to have them installed on your site. The installer adds a group of Memberium Custom Shortcodes that are pre-built for you.

If you’d like to edit or modify the way this specific shortcode works, you can do so under Memberium > Custom Shortcodes > then edit the “Course-Grid-LifterLMS-Basic” shortcode. This is only recommended for advanced users or if you’re comfortable editing HTML.

If you’d like to edit any of the CSS involved in the display of this, please add your changes to a child theme stylesheet, or plugin that allows you to add additional CSS to your WordPress site. Don’t make any changes directly to the CSS file that’s added by the Memberium wizard as they will be overwritten in future updates.


How do I create my own course library page with this shortcode?

Just repeat the shortcode and fill in the info for each course that you want to list in your course library. To learn how to do this and decide which shortcode you should use, we recommend you check out this in-depth post on this: How to Easily Build a Responsive Course Library Page for Your Membership Site With Memberium

How do I make my course library page full width like the example picture shown for this shortcode?

If you’re theme comes with a “Full Width” page template you’ll want to set the page template to the Full Width option. If you’re theme doesn’t come with a ‘Full Width’ page template and you still want to use one, you can download the plugin Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder and select the “FW Fullwidth” page template that you’ll be able to use once you’ve activated that plugin.

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