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This shortcode provides a safe and secure way to enable your members to update their Keap contact fields.

Shortcode Examples

Simple Update Form

[memb_update_form success_url="/next-page/"]
<p>First Name: <input type="text" required="required" name="FirstName"></p>
<p>Last Name: <input type="text" required="required" name="LastName"></p>
<p>Nickname: <input type="text" required="required" name="Nickname"></p>
<p><input type="submit"></p>

Advanced Update Form

First Name <input type=text name=FirstName [memb_contact fields=FirstName htmlattr=value]>
Last Name <input type=text name=LastName [memb_contact fields=LastName htmlattr=value]>

<strong>Billing Address</strong>
Address Line 1 <input type=text name=StreetAddress1 [memb_contact fields=StreetAddress1 htmlattr=value]>
Address Line 2 <input type=text name=StreetAddress2 [memb_contact fields=StreetAddress2 htmlattr=value]>
City <input type=text name=City [memb_contact fields=City htmlattr=value]>
State <input type=text name=State [memb_contact fields=State htmlattr=value]>
PostalCode <input type=text name=PostalCode [memb_contact fields=PostalCode htmlattr=value]>
Custom Field <input type=text name=_CustomField [memb_contact fields=_CustomField htmlattr=value]>
Birthday:  <input name="Birthday" type="date" value="[memb_contact fields=Birthday date_format='Y-m-d']">
Country <select name=Country>[memb_country_dropdown]</select>

<input type="submit" value="Update My Profile">

Adding checkbox, radiobox and dropdown (select) elements in the form:

[memb_update_form success_url="/next-page/"]
<p>First Name: <input type="text" required="required" name="FirstName"></p>
<p>Last Name: <input type="text" required="required" name="LastName"></p>
<p>Nickname: <input type="text" required="required" name="Nickname"></p>
<p><input type="radio" name="FieldName" value="ValueToBeSavedinInfusionsoft">First radiobutton example</p>
<p><input type="radio" name="_CustomFieldName" value="ValueToBeSavedinInfusionsoft">Second radionbutton example</p>
<p><input type="checkbox" name="FieldName" value="ValueToBeSavedinInfusionsoft">First checkbox example<br></p>
<p><input type="checkbox" name="_CustomFieldName" value="ValueToBeSavedinInfusionsoft">Second checkbox example<br></p>
<p><select name="_DropdownTest">
<option value="Yes" [memb_if value1="Yes" test="==" value2="{{contact._DropdownTest}}" output=" selected=selected"]>Yes</option>
<option value="No" [memb_if value1="No" test="==" value2="{{contact._DropdownTest}}" output=" selected=selected"]>No</option>
<option value="Maybe" [memb_if value1="Maybe" test="==" value2="{{contact._DropdownTest}}" output=" selected=selected"]>Maybe</option>
<p><input type="submit"></p>

Multiple Select Fields Example:

<input name="_CustomField[]" type="checkbox" value="dallas" />Dallas
<input name="_CustomField[]" type="checkbox" value="houston" />Houston
<p><input type="submit"></p>

Text Area Field Example:
Note: The formatting of the text (line breaks, blank lines, etc.) is carried into the Infusionsoft field

TextArea<textarea name="_TextArea">[memb_contact fields="_TextArea"]</textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Submit Updates">

Shortcode Parameters​

date_fields:  A comma separated list of the fields used to store date information, so that Memberium can convert these fields to the date/time format that Infusionsoft needs.  Optional, only required if you’re using date fields.

failure_url:  The URL to redirect to if the update fails.  Optional.  Defaults to the current page.

form_id:  The CSS ID to use for the form.  Optional.  Defaults to a system generated CSS value.

goal:  The Campaign Builder API goal to trigger if the details are updated successfully.

pass_fields:  Whether to pass the form fields to the next page. By default this is enabled. Set this to 0 to disable this feature. The password is not passed to the next page.

pass_password:  Whether to include the password in the fields passed to the next page. By default this is false. Set this to a non-zero value to enable this feature. If pass_fields is not enabled, then this setting has no effect.

required_fields:  A comma separated list of fields that must be populated in order to complete processing the form.  This is a server side check, and does not replace any JavaScript or HTML form validity checks you may wish to use.

success_url: The URL to redirect to if the contact details are updated successfully. Optional. Defaults to the current page.

tagids:  A comma separated list of tags to apply if the update is successful.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: Yes* (?)
Capturable: No (?)

Additional Information


This shortcode cannot be used for allowing users to change their email. For changing the email, you’d need to use the [memb_change_email] shortcode.

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