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This shortcode displays the date and time of when a specific tag was added to the logged in users account. This shortcode relies on detailed tag data that is not synchronized by default.  If you wish to use this shortcode, please turn on Synchronize Tag Dates from Memberium->Settings->Performance.

Shortcode Examples

The shortcode to display the date and time of when the tag was added is:

[memb_tag_date tagids="###"]

The shortcode to display only the date of when the tag was added is:

[memb_tag_date tagids="1432" date_format="jS F, Y"]

Shortcode Parameters​

capture:  Lets you capture the output of this shortcode and route it to the destination of your choice (?)

date_format:  This is the C/PHP date formatting code used to describe how the date is formatted on output.  the default format is “l, F dS, Y, g:sA e”.  Please see this entry for more information on date formatting. (?)

default:  The default text to display if there is no tag applied.

tag_ids:  The list of tags to display dates for.

txtfmt:  Lets you process the output of this shortcode through text processing functions (?)

Tags are marketing labels that are applied to contact records in Infusionsoft as those people interact with your company. Tags are one of the most powerful segmentation tools in Infusionsoft. Tags help you divide your contact database up into very specific groups so that you can customize the experience your members have as they interact with your emails and your Infusionsoft powered membership site. Usually the mere presence or absence of a tag is enough to make decisions, but sometimes it’s useful to know when a tag was applied to a contact.

This shortcode displays the date that an Infusionsoft tag was applied to the currently logged in member.

When applying tags, if the tag is already present on the contact’s record, then the tag will not re-apply and the original date will remain unchanged. In order to update the date, the tag must first be removed, and then reapplied.

When using tag names to identify the tag to display, please be sure that your tag names are unique. Otherwise you may experience erratic results if the system “guesses” the wrong tag.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: Yes (?)
Capturable: Yes (?)


Can I use this shortcode as an Admin?

No.  This shortcode relies exclusively on tag data associated with an Infusionsoft contact.  Since Administrator accounts are disconnected from Infusionsoft contacts, this shortcode cannot work with Administrators or any other “Local Only” user.

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This Applies To

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