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This shortcode will display an affiliate leaderboard on your site. In order for this shortcode to work, you’ll need to have Affiliate Leaderboards feature enabled.

Shortcode Examples

Display a list of 10 entries from the leaderboard:

[memb_show_leaderboard id=123 limit=10]


Shortcode Parameters​

id:  The ID number of the affiliate leaderboard that you defined.

css_id:  The CSS ID to assign to the affiliate leaderboard that is displayed.  This makes it easy to target the CSS styling for the leaderboard.

limit:  The total number of rows to display  You can define your leaderboard profile to track any number of entries.

except:  A list of affiliate ID numbers to exclude from the leaderboard.  This parameter is useful for hiding internal affiliates or other affiliates that are not in the competition for whatever reason.

amount:   Yes/No – Whether to display the running total for each affiliate.  This amount is an estimate and should not be used for payout.  This value is only used for revenue leaderboards, and is ignored for lead capture leaderboards.

Additional Information

Here is the list of CSS class names for affiliate leaderboard list generated by [memb_show_leaderboard] shortcode.

<div class="memberium-leaderboard"> /* Element in which the whole leaderboard is created */
<div class="leaderboard-row"> /* First value from the leaderboard */
<span class="leaderboard-order">1</span>
<span class="leaderboard-name">Test 1</span>
<span class="leaderboard-value">100</span>
<div class="leaderboard-row"> /* Second value from the leaderboard */
<span class="leaderboard-order">2</span>
<span class="leaderboard-name">Test 2</span>
<span class="leaderboard-value">59</span>
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This Applies To

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