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This shortcode gets the variable from a URL and displays the output accordingly.

Shortcode Examples

A simple example of the shortcode with all the parameters will be:

[memb_get name="keyname" txtfmt="function1,function2"]

If the URL looks like: “http://www.testinginfusionsoft.com/236RC8/memb_get/?test=example” and the following shortcode is used:

[memb_get name="test"]

It will display the word “example” wherever the shortcode is used.

After a form submission, if your thank you page URL looked like this:  “http://site.com/thanks/?inf_field_FirstName=Michael” you could retrieve the value of ‘inf_field_FirstName’ from the URL by pasting the following shortcode on any page.

[memb_get name="inf_field_FirstName"]

In this case, the above shortcode will display the word “Michael” on the page where its used.

Using just [memb_get] with no parameters, causes it to display all the parameters in the $_GET variable for debugging purposes.

Shortcode Parameters​

capture: Lets you specify where to route the captured shortcode/data (?)

name: (optional) comma delimited list of keys to index in the variable.

txtfmt: (optional) list of text functions to apply to output, can use contact field values (?)

default: The default value to use if the key is empty.  Defaults to an empty string.

This shortcode allows you to collect and parameters passed to your membership page in the URL.

There are several ways to pass variables from one page to another page:

Sessions – Invisible, stored safely on the server, tied to a cookie.in the visitor’s browser.

Cookies – Invisible – stored in the browser

POST variables – Invisible, passed to a page from a form on the previous page.  Cannot be used with links.

GET variables – Visible in the URL, can be passed from forms or links to a page.  This is called a “query string”.

You can even pass information from a page on one site, to a page on another site running completely different software.   Memberium enables your WordPress site to use the values passed through the query string / URL.  It’s important to not pass any secure or sensitive data through the URL GET parameters, beause the data is visible in address bar of the browser.  It can be tampered with by the user, cached in proxies, or reviewed later using the browser history.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: Yes (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: Yes (?)
Capturable: Yes (?)

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