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This shortcode allows you to pull info for your Infusionsoft Referral Partners. You can easily build custom affiliate resource sites for your own affiliate program using all of the variations of this shortcode. The affiliate must be logged in to view these shortcodes.

Shortcode Examples

How to list an affiliates unique affiliate code:

[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]


[memb_affiliate fields=ParentId]

Affiliate Status:

[memb_affiliate fields=Status]

Affiliate Name:

[memb_affiliate fields=AffName]


[memb_affiliate fields=Password]

Affiliate Payout / Commission Shortcodes

Notify on lead:

[memb_affiliate fields=NotifyLead]

Sale Amount:

[memb_affiliate fields=SaleAmt]

Sale Percent:

[memb_affiliate fields=SalePercent]

Lead Amount:

[memb_affiliate fields=LeadAmt]

Lead Percent:

[memb_affiliate fields=LeadPercent]

Payout Type:

[memb_affiliate fields=PayoutType]

Default Commission Type:

[memb_affiliate fields=DefCommissionType]

Cookie stays active for X days:

[memb_affiliate fields=LeadCookieFor]

Cookie stays active for X days:

[memb_affiliate fields=LeadCookieFor]

Example of using two or more fields at once:

[memb_affiliate fields=field1,field2 sep=" " txtfmt=strtolower,ucwords]


Shortcode Parameters​

after:  Text to display after the output.  Defaults to none.  (Optional)

before: Text to display before the output.  Defaults to none.  (Optional)

capture:  Capture the output of the shortcode and have it for later use.  Defaults to none.  (Optional). (Read More…)


fields: A comma separated list of fields to display from the Affiliate table.

htmattr:  HTML attribute to embed the generated value in. If blank no attribute is generated. (Optional)

separator: The string to use to separate the list of fields when output. The default separator is a single space.

txtfmt: a comma delimited list of text processing functions that will be applied on the output. Read More…

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: Yes (?)
Capturable: Yes (?)

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This Applies To

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