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Run one of several Infusionsoft automation actions when a user clicks button.

Shortcode Examples

A simple example:

[memb_actionset_button action_id=3453]

Achieving a Campaign Builder Goal:

[memb_actionset_button goals=MyGoal]

Removing a tag:

[memb_actionset_button tag_ids=-123]

Example with user defined button text:

[memb_actionset_button button_text="Click me" action_id=3453]


Run two action sets or more (separate with a comma):

[memb_actionset_button button_text="Click me" action_id="3453,4455"]

Example of shortcode with redirect_url:

[memb_actionset_button button_text="Click me" action_id="3453,4455" redirect_url="http://yourdomain.com/success" css_class="cta_button"]

Shortcode Parameters​

action_id:  The ID of the actionset to be run.  Defaults to none.  (Optional)

button_text: The text you wish your button to say.  Defaults to “Submit”.  (Optional)

button_url:  The image location for the button graphic. Defaults to none.  Example, “http://yourdomain.com/img/button.jpg”.  (Optional)

contact_id:  The Infusionsoft Contact ID of the contact you wish to operate on.  (Optional)

css_class: The CSS class to apply to the button.  Defaults to none.  (Optional)

form_action:  The URL where the button submits the action to.  Defaults to the current page, however if the button is hosted on a popup or other form that can’t process the action, you can choose another URL to submit to.  (Optional)

goals:  A comma separated list of campaign builder goals to achieve. Defaults to none. (Optional)

redirect_url:  The URL that a user will be redirected to after the button is clicked. Example, “http://yourdomain.com/redirect”

target: The target attribute specifies where to open the linked document. To open a link in a new tab, use target=”_blank” (Optional)

tag_ids:  A comma separated list of tags to add or remove. Defaults to none. (Optional)

debug: Whether or not to turn on Debugging. Defaults to 0. Valid values are 0 and 1. (Optional)

fus_ids: A comma separated list of follow up sequence ID’s to start. Defaults to none. (Optional)

tokens:  A comma separated list of Tokens to add or remove.  Defaults to none.  (Optional)

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)

Additional Information

Please note that each action the button is set to perform will increase the number of API calls. For example, applying one tag and triggering one API Goal will use double the API calls over triggering a single action.

If you apply two tags such as tag_ids=123,456 and triggering a goal using goals=APIexample then you are using triple the API calls. In the event you need to trigger multiple actions, we’d recommend triggering a single action whether that be a tag application, API goal, or an actionset that can then be setup in Infusionsoft to trigger other actions. For instance, you can use a tag goal in a campaign to wait for the tag being applied via the shortcode and use that to apply more tags and run other options.

The benefit of using a tag goal or API goal is that you can use campaign builder to manage the workflow, but the actions aren’t guaranteed to happen immediately. You will also need to do an update-contact HTTP POST to push any changes back to Memberium after they’re completed.

You can use an actionset if you want the actions to happen “instantly”, and because the actionset API call runs synchronously and reports what changes were made, Memberium can autodetect if it needs to update tags. Actionsets can also do some actions that Campaign Builder cannot do. Actionsets can also run campaign builder sequences by applying tags to run tag goals. The downside is that actionsets can take longer since all the actions have to process before the actionset returns control to the website.

Sample CSS code

The below code shows how you can style this Actionset button:

#memb_actionset_button_1 {
padding:16px 31px; 

You’d want to checkout this video tutorial for learning how to use Infusionsoft API Goals with [memb_actionset_button] shortcode.

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