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Shortcode Examples

Display different text to different users depending on their language settings:

Default text goes here that will be displayed to the visitor if there is no better match
Chinese text goes here that will be displayed to the visitor if they prefer Chinese
Spanish text goes here that will be displayed to the visitor if they prefer Spanish




Shortcode Parameters​

capture:  Capture the output of the shortcode and route it to a variable for later use. (?)

txtfmt: A comma separated list of text processing functions to be used to post process the contact fields. (?)


This shortcode detects the current visitor’s preferred language and displays the copy and images that are the best match for the viewer’s language needs.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: Yes (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: Yes (?)
Capturable: Yes (?)

Additional Information


Examples of two-letter ISO 639-1 codes
Language family ISO 639-1 code Language variant
English en-GB British English
en-US American English
en-CA Canadian English
en-IN Indian English
Spanish es-ES Castilian Spanish (as spoken in Central-Northern Spain)
es-MX Mexican Spanish
es-AR Argentine Spanish
es-CO Colombian Spanish
es-CL Chilean Spanish
Portuguese pt-PT European Portuguese (as written and spoken in Portugal)
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese
Tamil ta-IN Indian Tamil
ta-LK Sri Lankan Tamil
Kannada kn kannada
kn-IN Indian Kannada
Chinese zh-CN Mainland China, simplified characters
zh-TW Taiwan, traditional characters
zh-HK Hong Kong, traditional characters



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