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How does Elementor work with Memberium for Infusionsoft by Keap?

Memberium allows you to control the user visibility of each Elementor element based on the Infusionsoft or Keap tags possessed by the end user. Memberium lets you achieve all this directly within the page builder. So you can easily section off your site’s content without needing any shortcodes or extra effort.

And you can do all this with no computer expertise. Memberium, Elementor and Keap tags are all designed for ease of use.

But don’t worry that any PHP skills you have are going to go to waste, there are more advanced options within Elementor and Memberium that let you specify functions in a more specific way.


This feature is available in Memberium 2.97 and above.
If you’ve created the page using Elementor and under Content Protection the prohibited action is “Show Excerpt only”, then the content of the page/post will still be shown and not protected. This is a known Elementor limitation. We’d suggest you to protect the page using “Redirect” or “Hide Completely” as the prohibited action.

How to Access the Protection Box in Elementor

Open Elementor, click on the section or element, and then go to the advanced tab.

Protection Options

Membership Levels

The most common protection option will be membership levels. If you want to allow only a certain membership level to see a section or element, simply turn on the switch for that membership level.

In this example, only members with the “Drivers” membership could see the protected element.

Require Tags

Another popular option is to protect content with tags. In this case, a member would need to have my “Gold” tag in order to see the content.

You can also place multiple tags in this box which would require the user have any of the tags. If you want to require two tags, place one tag in the top box and the other tag in the box below labeled “AND require Tag IDs”.

Logged In / Out Status

To show something only to members who are logged in, enable the top option “Any Logged In User”. To show only to logged out users, switch on the bottom setting.

Contact IDs

If you only want a certain member to see an element or section, you can enter their Infusionsoft contact ID in this box. Only that user will be able to see the content.

PHP Boolean Expression

This option allows you to use advanced or even custom protection options with the use of PHP code such as is_user_logged_in(), memb_hasMembership(), etc.
Here is a list of Memberium provided functions.

Example Use Cases

How can I protect something with multiple membership levels?


To allow multiple membership levels to access protected content, just switch the desired membership to ON. In the example here, both Drivers and Promoter members would be able to see the content.

This would not require a member to have both membership levels. If you want to require both membership levels, read the next example.



How can I protect something that requires a membership and a tag (or two membership levels)?

To require a membership level in addition to a tag, you’ll first switch on the membership level you want to protect with. In this example, I chose the Driver membership level.

Then to require a tag you come to the Require Tag IDs box and select the tag there. You can also put a membership tag in this box to require two membership levels. In my case, I chose the Promoter tag which is associated with a membership – meaning the user would need to have the Driver and Promoter memberships to see the content.



How can I show something only to users that don’t have a membership or tag?

Maybe you’re wanting to show an upsell offer on your site to members that don’t already own your Gold membership.

Using the Require Tag IDs box, you can put a “-” before the tag ID to reverse the protection. You can see in the screenshot that it says “Does Not Have” before the tag name. This means that only users without the Gold tag/membership would be able to see this offer.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a great way to customize and build your membership site (or any website). It’s a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress sites. With Elementor you can really make your site unique.

WordPress themes can be great, but if you really want to stand out from the rest, you need to be able to tweak your design. By now, most people recognize the more common themes when they see them, and besides, have you ever found a theme that was 100 percent perfect? Elementor works with any WordPress theme. Simply drag, drop and create.

Elementor works from the front end of your site, as well, so you can see all your changes in real time. There’s no guessing as to what your site will look like on desktop or mobile.

The main draw of Elementor is its simplicity. Like Memberium, Elementor is effective for people of all skill levels. You don’t need any site building expertise to create something stunning. You can choose from pre-created templates or go at it from scratch. Elementor hands you all the tools you need to design a site that perfectly suits your needs, and for Membership sites, the benefits are even greater. If you need to learn more about Elementor you can check this detailed review article here.

Why use Elementor with a membership site?

Elementor is a nifty plugin for any website, but membership sites especially can benefit from it.

And the best part? Full Memberium Elementor integration. Elementor with Infusionsoft is a powerful combination, and with Memberium, you can design and organize your Elementor website elements by membership level or Infusionsoft / Keap tags that a logged in user has.

Think of widgets that are only available to the proper membership level or information users have to log in to see. Elementor gives you the freedom to place these elements wherever you want them, and Memberium can help you organize them to match your membership structure.

You can check this article to learn more about how you can customize your WordPress site with Elementor.

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