How to use the Makepass Scanner to Ensure Customers Receive Passwords

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The Makepass scanner is the latest method to create passwords for new members. Rather than using an HTTP POST, this new feature scans your Infusionsoft contact database for new members, generates passwords for them, and then runs a completion action on each contact. The scans run every three minutes. You can configure your Makepass scanner by going to Memberium->Sync Options

The benefit of using this system is that it’s impossible for users to receive welcome emails where the password is missing. Sometimes HTTP POSTs fail which could result in a password not being generated or emailed. This is frustrating for the new member who just made a purchase. The Makepass scanner resolves that problem by only sending the email once a password has been generated.

Our Recommendation

We generally suggest sticking with the HTTP POST over the makepass scanner. Each has its downsides. If you’re experiencing problems with your HTTP POSTs, reach out to support.

Here’s a walkthrough of how this works for a new user:

  1. John Doe signs up for your membership level and is pushed into an onboarding campaign.
  2. John first gets all his new membership tags applied to his account and then receives a tag called “Start Makepass”
  3. Within 3 minutes, Memberium sees him as needing a password, generates one for him, removes the “Start Makepass” tag, and applies the “Makepass Complete” tag.
  4. The “Makepass Complete” tag triggers a goal in the original campaign that moves John forward so that he now gets sent an email with his login credentials and welcome information.

Options/Settings Explained

Let’s go through the options that Memberium provides you on the page below. You can get to this page by going to “Memberium >> Sync Options

Makepass Start Tag

The tag set up here will be the trigger to start the entire system. This tag should be named something like “Start Makepass” or “Start Password Generation”. Every 3 minutes Memberium will scan the Infusionsoft database to look for users with the tag you’ve set up here. Any users that it finds will be pushed through the makepass scanner and have passwords generated for them. Once a password has been generated, Memberium will automatically remove this start tag and apply the complete tag which you’ll set up next.

Makepass Complete Tag

The tag defined here will be applied by the makepass scanner after password generation has completed. The completion tag should be used to trigger a tag goal in the campaign that will trigger the welcome email with the password to be sent.

Makepass Complete Actionset

This is optional and it is not required to make this system work. If you decide to set up an actionset here, that actionset will run each time a password has been generated. This can be useful if you want to trigger some other actions or emails to be sent from Infusionsoft.

Contacts Per Scan

The default value for the “Contacts Per Scan” option is 20 and this works for most of the websites.

There’s really no exact number this value should be set to since it depends on how many seconds the scan is allowed to run for, how long the API calls take, etc. Ultimately, we can’t recommend this be set to anything above 120 and leaving it at the default setting will work in almost all cases.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the WordPress Cron job should be running every minute and not on only when the site is visited (which is how it runs by default), otherwise makepass scanner might take longer to finish password generation.

How to Integrate this into Your Campaign

Once you’ve set up the Start and Complete tags, you’ll want to set up this system so that it works within your new or existing onboarding/delivery campaigns.

Here’s an overview of what the ideal campaign would look like:

First, you should have your Purchase Goal that triggers the entire campaign. Next, have a sequence that applies your membership tags and the makepass scanner start tag.

Now, you’ll have a goal outside of that sequence that is waiting for the “Makepass Complete” tag to be applied. Once that’s triggered, you can send the welcome email with the password merged in.

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