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This setting controls whether parent pages will pass on Memberium Protection to child/sub pages. This defaults to YES

If this setting is YES, then the parent’s page visibility is required to see the child page.

If this setting is NO, then the page’s visibility is only determined by its own settings.

To phrase it differently, when this setting is YES, if you cannot see the parent page, then you cannot see it’s child page either. The child page inherits protection settings from the parent page.

Page Security Inheritance Example

Let’s say we have two pages. One called the “Parent Page” and the other called “Child Page”

Here are the current protection settings for each…

Parent Page

The parent page is protected with a single membership level: Demo Membership 1

For someone to access this page, they would need to have the membership level.

Child/Sub Page

You can see that this page is a child or subpage of the “Parent Page”. This is controlled by the dropdown on the right under Page Attributes labeled Parent Page.

Since this page is a child page and we have left the Memberium default for page security inheritance, this child page inherits content protection settings from the parent page.

Although nothing shows in the content protection box, if someone tried to access this page without the Demo Membership 1, they would be denied access.

Pro Tip

If add content protection settings to a child page, they will be required in addition to the inherited protection settings.

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