This is something no other system does. It will allow people to setup processes so that if a user cancels their subscription, you can delay removing the tag until the paid period has completed. It loads a field on the contact with the expiration date, and then can apply a tag/goal/action to that contact depending on the results. You could use that to kick off a campaign that tries to recapture the user (cancel their cancel) and eventually that removes their access tag or adds a PAYF or CANC tag to drop access.

It’s not very scalable to a system with many subscription plans that wants to handle each type of subscription differently. For 80% of the people it will do the job nicely. I may give some thought to make it solve for 100%.


  • Scans through the subscriptions the contact has.
  • If all the subscriptions are inactive, it will load the subscription end date in a field on the contact
  • If any of the subscriptions are active, it will clear the end date in the field on the contact
  • You can pass it action sets, goals, or tags to apply depending on if the subscription is detected inactive or not



destfield: name of field to put end date on


subscriptionplans: CSV list of subscriptionplan Id’s to include in the check – by default it checks all subscription types

atagid: ID# of tag to apply if any matching subscription is active

aactionset: ID# of actionset to run if any matching subscription is active

igoal: name of API goal to achieve if all matching subscriptions are inactive

itagid: ID# of tag to apply if all matching subscriptions are inactive

iactionset: ID# of actionset to run if all matching subscriptions are inactive

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