Common Troubleshooting Tips

When helping Memberium site owners, we tend to see the same problems over and over again. This troubleshooting guide is intended to help you avoid the common mistakes people run into.

Basic Checks

  • Check your WordPress installation to make sure that you are current on your updates. There may be an update that fixes a bug or deals with the situation you are experiencing please update your Memberium plugin prior to contacting support.
  • Go to your Memberium Dashboard and verify that your site is not running in “Trial” or “License Expired” mode.
  • If EVERY page load is slow, you may not have a valid license. Contact Support and be sure to let us know what domain and Infusionsoft App Name you’re using.
  • If you have a domain license, verify that your domain exactly matches the domain on your license.
  • If you have an unlimited license, verify that your appname exactly matches the domain on your license.
  • If your site is slow or crashing intermittently, check your memory in the Memberium dashboard. WordPress sites default to 40M (megabytes) and Memberium runs fine with that. Depending on your theme and other plugins you may need more memory. You can increase your memory to 64 or more megabytes. Most web hosts will let you use up to 256M of RAM for your site. You want the lowest amount you can where everything works reliably. You can read about how to increase your WordPress memory here.
  • If you’ve moved your site to a new domain, please contact support and let us know what your new domain is and what your old domain was. We can transfer your license to the new domain at no cost.
  • Check that the I2SDK plugin is properly configured. The API key should be set up, and the status should show “Verified”.
  • Check that all dashboard line items have numbers next to them. A missing number may indicate a missing or damaged database table.
  • Check if Memberium is syncing with Infusionsoft. You can do this several ways, including by adding a tag in Infusionsoft, and then resyncing the user and see if the tag shows up, or by creating a new tag and resyncing from the dashboard to see if the tag count changes.

Shortcodes Not Working

  • The credit card add/update form isn’t showing
    Verify that you’re using the shortcode on an SSL page. For security reasons, the form will refuse to show on a non-secured page.
  • Check the spelling. All Memberium shortcodes are in all lowercase. Check the quotes to make sure you didn’t accidentally use “smart quotes”.
  • Some Memberium shortcodes require the user to be logged as test user (non-admin). For example, [memb_change_email], [memb_change_password], etc. These shortcodes won’t work for admin users, and they’ll only work for test users (non-admin).

HTTP POST Problems

  • MakePass doesn’t generate a password
    Go to the contact and review the Campaign Builder history. if there was an error, it will usually be listed here and you may be able to find it in the descriptions below. Did the user’s email already exist in WordPress? MakePass defaults to not generating a password if the user already exists.
    Make sure that your HTTP POST URL is completely pasted into Infusionsoft, and doesn’t have leading or trailing spaces, or other formatting errors.
    Infusionsoft’s web servers run older software and are limited in which SSL certificates they work with. Try using a non-HTTPS URL to do your HTTP POST.
  • 301/302 Errors
    HTTP 301/302 are not actually errors but are redirects. You are HTTP POSTing to a URL that is redirecting to another URL. The Infusionsoft HTTP POST server cannot handle redirects and will fail. Common causes of this are POSTing to a page that you have access controlled, or POSTing to an http:// page that redirects to https://
  • 403 Errors
    HTTP 403 errors are caused by security systems. A common cause is CloudFlare’s security options. This is often caused by web caching or firewall security systems that block the HTTP POST from the server. You’ll need to reconfigure or remove the service blocking the HTTP POST.
  • 406 Errors
    The error may be generated by your web host’s Apache mod_security module. Mod_security is a type of firewall program that runs on Apache web server, that scans for violations of the rules it has set. If an action occurs that violates one of these rules, the server will return a 406 error. The module is configured with various security rules by the user or more typically, by the web host. Because each web host configures it with their own rules we have no way to know why it might be blocking the request. If you are running into this you will need to work with your web host and provide them example URL’s so they can identify the rules in question and update their configuration.
  • 408 Errors
    HTTP 408 errors are caused by timeouts. This indicates that it took too long for your server to respond to Infusionsoft to process the HTTP POST. This is often caused by web caching or firewall security systems that don’t forward the HTTP POST to the server but don’t block the connection. You’ll need to reconfigure or remove the service blocking the HTTP POST.
  • 500 Errors
    HTTP 500 errors are general errors. Please send us the HTTP POST URL you are using and a sample Infusionsoft contact ID for our debug tool.
  • Security Plugins – Make sure that if you have any security plugins, that they’re not blocking your HTTP POSTs. In particular, iThemes Security will add settings to your .htaccess file that block HTTP POSTs, and stay in place even after you remove the plugin. Please see our documentation notes about Securi and WordFence.
  • Caching CDN’s / Web Application Firewalls / Reverse Proxies – Cloudflare and other web caches often have additional value-added security features that will block HTTP POSTs as well. Please see our documentation notes on Cloudflare for examples.

We also have a detailed guide on fixing password generation issues which explains this in detail.

Odd Site Behavior

  • You’re seeing everything, whether you have the tags or not, autologin doesn’t work, and no contact fields are showing
    Make sure you’re not testing logged in as an admin user. Admin users aren’t mapped to Infusionsoft contacts for security reasons. We recommend creating a couple of test users and logging in with another browser to test the user experience.
  • Does your Infusionsoft contact have duplicates?
    Check to make sure that not more than one Infusionsoft contact has the same email address. You may be connecting as the wrong contact.
  • The Memberium Login Form appears sometimes or appears in some browsers, but not others.
    The Memberium Login Form is designed by default to only appear to non-logged in users, as logged in users do not need to log in. You can force the form to always display if you wish. You can read about the [memb_loginform] parameters here.
  • Looping between two pages.
    When setting up page or post redirects it is critical to avoid accidentally creating loops between two pages that both have access controls where the user doesn’t qualify for either page. The user will be bounced back and forth between the two pages until the browser gives up. If you need help solving these, we can help you work this out.
  • I updated a tag in Infusionsoft, but I don’t see it online right away?
    Tags are synced during login only, if you need your new tag to be applied immediately to users who are currently logged in, you need to use an update-contact HTTP POST.
  • I can log in but access to some/all pages is denied.
    Make sure that your links and domain are consistent. If you use www. some times, but not others then WordPress may not be able to read your cookies, and will treat your pageview as a non-logged in user. If you code your links using the domain, make sure you are 100% consistent.

Verify User/Contact Setup

  • Check Memberium->Settings->Login->Infusionsoft Username Field/Infusionsoft Password Field and make sure that the user’s corresponding fields on Infusionsoft are filled and are matching with the information with which the user is logging in.
  • Check if the user has an email, password and a relevant Membership tag (As per the membership levels on Memberium->Memberships) assigned to their contact record (You can check this through user’s WordPress profile or via Infusionsoft).

Tags Not Syncing

  • If you just recently created the tag, click “Synchronize Infusionsoft” in Memberium>>Support>>Dashboard.
  • Check Memberium->Sync Options and make sure that the tag you’re trying to sync isn’t in the category that is set to be ignored.
  • Check Infusionsoft to make sure that the user account has the same tag and that there are no duplication or tags with similar names.
  • Check if Maximum Contact Cache Age in Memberium->Settings>Performance is set to a specific value.
  • Check if the site was previously mapped to another Infusionsoft App. If so, contact support.
  • Verify tags by tag number to make sure there isn’t a problem with two tags with similar names that are causing an issue.

We also have a detailed guide on fixing tags and custom fields not syncing issue.

Autologin Failures

When asking for support to debug autologin links, please provide us a copy of the actual link that is clicked when possible, not just our example link code.

  • Redirect Not Working
    Verify that your redir= parameter does not include the full domain. Only use the path.
  • Autologin Goes To Home Page Instead of Redirect Page
    If you’re using the whole http:// link in your redirect, try just using the path. Some web hosts do not like seeing http:// or https:// in the middle of the link and will not process it properly.
  • Autologin from Email Doesn’t Work
    The link may have become corrupted when placing it in the email template, please forward us a copy of the sent template for testing.
  • Autologin from Form Doesn’t Work
    Autologins from forms may be happening faster than Infusionsoft can update the contact record with new password and tags. Please use the forcelogin and tag_ids parameters to let Memberium work around this issue.
  • WordPress User isn’t a “Subscriber” role
    Please check and verify that the WordPress account has the subscriber role. Autologin is disabled for security reasons on non-subscriber accounts. Your WordPress may have been modified to give your users a different default role. You can set the New User Default Role in Settings->General. For test accounts, please make sure you didn’t use your administrator email for the test record. Administrators can’t autologin.
  • Incomplete User Setup
    In order for a user to be auto-logged in, they need a username (their email address), password, and appropriate membership tags.
  • Wrong Auth Key
    Memberium enforces the use of different auth keys for HTTP POSTs and Autologins. If you created your own autologin link, you may have accidentally used the wrong auth key. Simply change the auth key to one of the autologin auth keys.

Login Failures

Please verify that the login doesn’t work before contacting support. It may simply be a case of operator error. The user may have miscopied or mistyped their password, etc.

If you’d like to follow the same troubleshooting steps our support team does, read through this troubleshooting guide here.

Most login issues we encounter can be quickly identified by following the steps in the above-linked article.

Other Warnings

Warnings / Errors in the /wp-admin/ Dashboard
You can review all of our warning and error messages here with the steps on how to resolve them.

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