Build a Basic Membership Site or Course in Less Than 15 Minutes

Membership Site Builder

Membership Site Builder

The Membership Site Builder allows you to create a basic membership site or course in less than 15 minutes. The installer will automatically install Memberium and help you create your first membership level.

It then walks you through creating your new member welcome campaign in Keap.

The last step automatically installs the Membership Site Builder. Then you can pick from a small (growing) library of sites that you want to use. Once you’ve picked you’re site out, the builder instantly imports all the page templates you need to run a basic membership site or course with using our pre-designed page templates.

These are pages like your login page, forgot password, my account related pages, basic individual course / lesson templates, an upsell page and much more!

Instead of having to create all of these yourself one by one, the builder allows you to choose from a library of pre-built sites that you can pick from.

After that we have tutorial videos that will walk you through how to setup all the pages in the pre-built site step by step. Using the builder helps save you a ton of time from having to setup all your pages yourself.

See How the Membership Site Builder Works and All Available Templates Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any other plugins to use the Membership Site Builder?

No, we install everything you need to make the templates look exactly how you see in the screenshots.

How can I change the colors to match my brand?

In our Elementor based templates, we’ve linked everything to global colors. This means you can change the global Elementor colors (5 minutes) and it will apply those colors throughout all the page templates instantly. For our other templates, you’ll be able to go into any element and customize it the way you need. See a video.

Will this overwrite my existing site?

Importing one of our template sites into an existing site won’t delete any of your data, but it could make things look strange because we change the active theme. If you have an existing site, we’d recommend trying the Membership Site Builder on a staging or dev site before importing on your live site.

What do I need to do to get access to these templates?

Simple! Just signup for any Memberium subscription and you’ll automatically get access to the new Membership Site Builder. After you checkout, you’ll be given instructions and the download for our installation wizard. The wizard will install Memberium and the Membership Site Builder on your site. No waiting, no delays, just immediate access.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

The plugin itself is awesome - superb templates with everything I could possibly need to build my site, and seamless integration with Infusionsoft. I'm a massive fan - thank you to everyone at Memberium for a brilliant product with awesome support!
Charlotte Desorgher
Keap Marketplace Review
Absolutely fabulous support! Memberium is making this easy for me as a noob to understand. Support has been timely and fantastic. I'm so glad I chose them as my membership plugin. Highly recommend.
Cheryl Imbriani
Keap Marketplace Review

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