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In Memberium > Settings > Login tab, under “Login Options”, the “Maximum Login IPs” defines the number of different IP addresses that a user can log in from within a certain period of time controlled by the other setting just below it “Maximum Login Window (Hours)”.

For example, if you set it to 3 IP addresses within 16 hours, then when you log in from a fourth IP address you would be prevented from logging in until 16 hours had passed from the first login.

It’s a rolling window. If you logged in from two different IPs, then 8 hours later logged in from a third IP, you’d only wait 8 more hours (total of 16 hours) and you’d be able to log in from another two IPs.

Increasing Security

You can increase security by using this feature in conjunction or combination with the Prevent Simultaneous Logins feature.

One common issue when selling B2B is that many employees in a company will all have the same external IP address when they are accessing your membership site from a corporate network.

Using the Maximum Login IPs window alone wouldn’t prevent many employees with the same IP from all sharing a single account.

By enabling Prevent Simultaneous Logins a single user can only be logged in at one place. If someone else logs in as that user, the first session will be closed and the user will be logged out. This makes it extremely inconvenient and almost pointless to share a single login.

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