Local Variables

Memberium has a concept of a local variable; being able to store data about the user in the local WordPress database, instead of Infusionsoft. This provides essentially unlimited fields (limited only by memory and disk space) for storing additional information. Local variables can be used in Memberium shortcode attributes.

You can capture data into local variables, you can display those variables to the screen, and you can use those variables in the parameters of shortcodes.

Local variables can be embedded into attributes by wrapping the variable in {{}}. Some variables have different syntaxes, and we may extend those syntaxes over time. Here’s some examples:

Example Usage

In this example, we’re showing how to insert a local variable (email) into a shortcode variable. You’ll see if you copy the example onto your page that {{contact.email}} is contained within the “redirect_url” parameter of the [memb_action_set] shortcode.

[memb_actionset_button button_text="Yes, Get Me Access" tag_ids="123" redirect_url="/promo/date-select.php?Email={{contact.email}}" css_class="my_button"]

We did this because a user wanted to put the email into the redirect link but you can’t put shortcodes inside of shortcodes. That’s part of why these local variables exist.

List of Codes

Contact Data


Author Contact ID (Added in 2.45)


Post ID (Added in 2.49.01)


Affiliate Record Data


Custom Fields


The visitor’s IP Address


The Current Date


Where “format” is the PHP date formatting code

Random Number Generator


GET/POST/Cookie Values



<<:: outputs [
::>> outputs ]
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