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Your site will be automatically licensed either by your domain, or by your Infusionsoft app name. Clicking the “Renew License” button will re-verify your license, regardless of whether or not you you have a bulk license key entered.

You can find “Renew License” button inside Memberium => Support => Dashboard

If clicking the “Renew License” button does not successfully renew your license, then there may be a problem with your license causing it to fail. We’ve provided a troubleshooting list below in order of how often we see the various problems, and how to fix them:

Need a License?

If you have not yet purchased a license, please purchase a license by clicking here.

Already have a License?

If you already have a license please contact support by clicking here. We can help you troubleshoot, or move your license, or help you upgrade to an unlimited (Pro or Advanced) license.


You haven’t configured the i2SDK plugin
In order to get a license, you must enter your Infusionsoft Appname and API key into the i2SDK plugin. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact support and we’ll be happy to guide you through it or do it for you if you prefer.

Your Site is on an IP Address
If your site is on a raw IP address, you’ll want to take advantage of our subdomain or multi-domain licensing to host your development site on a licensed domain. IP Address based sites will only work with the Unlimited Domains (Pro or Advanced) license.

Your Dev Domain Doesn’t Match Your Licensed Domain/Your Domain is Different than what you Licensed
If you have a single domain license (Memberium Standard license), and have setup your site on a different domain, then the license will not be picked up. Memberium licensing provides licensing for all subdomains of your licensed domain. Please setup your development site as a subdomain of your licensed domain.

If you have a single domain license, and your actual domain is slightly different than what you registered when you signed up, then your site will be unable to license. Please contact support and supply your current domain so that we can update your license. This sometimes happens if you include “www” in your licensed domain.

For example if your licensed domain is YourSite.com, then you could setup your site at dev.YourSite.com, or staging.YourSite.com, or test.YourSite.com, etc. If using a subdomain is inconvenient, you can also use a subdirectory, such as YourSite.com/test/, etc.

You Recently Moved the Site to a new Domain
If you have a single domain license, and have moved your site from one domain, to another domain this will cause your license to go into trial mode. Please contact support and supply your old domain and your new domain and we will transfer your license to the new domain. This is most commonly the case when you move from a development server to a different live domain.

Your Site is Blocked By a Firewall
If your site is hosted behind a web application firewall that blocks your server from connecting to remote servers, then your Memberium install may not be able to connect to our license server. Please work with your internal IT team to open up outbound connections on port 80 and port 443 to licenseserver.memberium.com.

Contacting Support

Please be sure to use the email that you used to signup to contact us so we can verify your identity, if you’re not the primary account holder please CC: them on the ticket, and specify who they are in the body of the ticket, along with the domain info so we can help you get your license fixed.

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