LearnDash Open Course vs. Closed Course

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When using Memberium and LearnDash together, it is important you have each plugin’s settings correct in order to get your desired result.

Memberium controls access to the page based on the Content Protection Metabox. This is the box where you check membership levels, require tags, etc.

LearnDash controls access to courses with something called “Enrollment”. When a course is set to “Open” enrollment, this means that anyone logged into the site is “Enrolled” into the course. If you’re protecting the course with Memebrium, this isn’t ideal.

For any LearnDash courses that are protected by Memberium and are only given to certain members, the LearnDash enrollment setting should be “Closed”.

With the LearnDash setting set to “Closed” you can use Memberium’s LearnDash integration to enroll members into the course based on Infusionsoft tags. Typically, the membership/tag you’ve protected the course with would be the same tag you place in the Memberium Auto-Enroll box.


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