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LearnDash Infusionsoft IntegrationThis input box appears only on LearnDash course pages.

Enrollment vs Visibility

In the Memberium / LearnDash system, Memberium controls visibility of the course; whether not a visitor on your site can see the course.

Note that courses that are marked as “Open” will automatically add users. If you want Memberium to control access, then set the course to “Closed”, and use the enrollment tags to control who’s added.

Learndash controls whether or not you’re enrolled in the course and can take and participate in the course.


Scenario 1 – Membership Level Includes Course

If for example you had a site with Gold, Silver, and Bronze access, and you wanted Silver members to be enrolled in the course, then I would use the Silver membership tag as the auto-enrollment tag.  Be sure to use the main membership tag, and not the PAYF, CANC or SUSP tags.

If multiple membership levels included the course, then you would include their tags as well.  The enrollment input box can handle multiple tags.

Scenario 2 – Product Purchase Gets Course

If you sold your courses individually, then when each course was purchased, you would add a tag to the contact, I would use that tag to auto-enroll the course.

Scenario 3 – Courses as Time Dripped

You would create a tag for each course in Infusionsoft, and use Delay Timers to add the tag to the contact.  This would prevent the user from participating in the course until the appropriate time had passed.

Scenario 4 – Courses are Unlocked by Completing Another Course

You would create a tag that is applied by the first course on successful completion, and use that tag to control enrollment in the second course.

Technical Details

AutoEnrollment tags are processed during login, during auto-update and any time the session is regenerated.  If you are applying an auto-enroll tag in Infusionsoft to a contact and would like it applied immediately to your logged in member, then be sure to use an update-contact HTTP POST to push the new tag down to Memberium.

If the user has the auto-enroll tag, they will be added to the course access list. If they lose the tag for any reason, they will be automatically removed from the access list. If the user doesn’t have the tag, an admin will not be able to manually add the user to the access list – rather they should apply the tag to the contact record in order to give them access.

For a broader overview of LearnDash and Memberium and how the two work together, please see our LearnDash / Infusionsoft overview.

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