Integrating Memberium with SamCart

3rd Party Carts

SamCartAs the Infusionsoft community has become more sophisticated, a number of sophisticated, 3rd party cart sales funnel solutions have sprung up to serve their more sophisticated needs.

SamCart features attractive, easy to implement sales and order pages, that integrate with InfusionSoft, so that the clients are recorded and stored for later email marketing, and product fulfillment.

Once you complete your SamCart/Infusionsoft setup and integration, you can configure your SamCart purchases to add tags to the purchasing contact when they purchase your products through SamCart. With Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder Goal system, adding or removing tags on can be used as a “goal” to trigger your workflows, email sequences, and more inside of your Infusion account.

SamCart Setup Notes

When setting up your SamCart, for the Membership portal, select “None”. The Infusionsoft integration is listed under “EMail Providers”, and Memberium integrates with Infusionsoft.


When controlling access, Memberium primarily relies on the contact record, and the tags applied to the contact.  The actual purchase isn’t referenced directly and isn’t needed to control access.  If the 3rd party cart is handling payments outside of Infusionsoft, then Memberium’s account payment functions can’t be used to deal with credit card expirations and declines, you’ll need to use your cart’s payment system.

Post Purchase Workflow

Once the purchase/buyer tag has been applied to your contact, you can then run the normal sequence of actions to provision the contact as a member of your Memberium-powered membership site. For example this would include:

  • Automatically Generating a Password
  • Applying the new Membership Tags based on what they bought
  • Removing any old PAYF Tags
    ( Adding a 1 minute delay to allow Infusionsoft to catch up )
  • Sending a welcome email to your new client with login instructions

Creating Tag Goals

Infusionsoft provides this simple walk through on implementing Tag Goals in Campaign Builder, enabling you to start a series of actions when a tag is applied:

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