Integrating LifterLMS with Infusionsoft using Memberium

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Memberium’s integration with LifterLMS makes it easy to protect and sell courses through Keap (formerly Infusionsoft). LifterLMS does have built-in course protection, but its lack of integration with Infusionsoft makes it impossible to sell the course and automatically grant access to it using Infusionsoft. That’s where Memberium comes in.

Figure A is the integration box that will appear on the Course page within LifterLMS. Figure B is what you will see on the Lesson and Quiz pages within LifterLMS.

Key Features:

Advanced Infusionsoft integration: Start or stop different campaign builder sequences, apply an Infusionsoft tag, or run a specific Infusionsoft action set upon the completion of any LifterLMS course, lesson, or quiz.

Automatically enroll students in their courses: Make sure your students get what they paid for (or didn’t in case of a free course) by auto-enrolling them into the course based on Infusionsoft tags.

Sell courses & create unlimited free, trial or paid membership levels: Create an unlimited number of membership levels and connect these membership levels to specific courses to create different membership bundles.

Start a campaign upon completion of a specific section: Using Campaign Builder goals you can start a campaign when a specific course, lesson, or quiz is completed.

Offer targeted one-click upsells upon completion of a specific activity: Send a targeted email with an upsell offer upon completion of a specific course, lesson or quiz. Offer targeted 1-click upsells to existing paid students and relevant offers based on a customer’s past buying history.

Track course progress with Infusionsoft tags: Apply Infusionsoft tags when a student completes an individual course, lesson, or quiz.

Setting it Up:

Start by building out your course and lesson content. Then use Memberium to protect the course page and set the auto-enroll tag to the same tag which you used for the Membership. In the example below, I’m protecting the page (Figure A) with the “Gold” membership and I’m setting the auto-enroll tag (Figure B) to the same tag that’s used for the “Gold” membership. This way when someone makes a purchase I can tag them with that Gold tag and they will automatically be given access and enrolled in the course.

If you don’t want to set up any other integrations or automation then, congratulations, you’re done! However, if you do want to set up automations to be triggered when sections are completed, follow the steps below. For the next few items, we’ll reference the picture below by Figure A (Course Page) or Figure B (Lesson and Quiz Page). These are screenshots of the Memberium integration boxes on each type of page.

Run actions when a course is completed: (Figure A) the integration box gives you 3 options which can be used singularly or in combination with one another. You can “Achieve a Goal” which refers to the Campaign Builder API Goal function. You can apply tags, and you can run an actionset.

Run actions when a lesson or quiz is completed: (Figure B & Image Below) the integration box gives you the exact same options for automating. You can achieve Campaign Builder goals, apply a tag or tags, and run an actionset. In the example below, when the user marks the lesson as complete, they will receive the “Lesson 1 Complete” tag.


Learn more about LifterLMS here or contact Memberium support if you have questions about this integration.

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