How to Integrate Sensei LMS with Infusionsoft using Memberium

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Sensei LMS Overview

Sensei LMS (Sensei) is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) for WordPress that is owned by Automattic. Using Sensei, you’ll be able to create courses and lesson pages like you see below: Sensei provides structure to your courses by organizing your content into Courses, Modules, and Lessons. You can also quiz your members using the built-in quizzing function. With advanced progress tracking, enrollment functionality, and quizzing, Sensei is a capable alternative to LearnDash and LifterLMS (two other LMSs that Memberium integrates with).

Memberium Integration Overview

Sensei by itself is a great tool you can use, but it doesn’t offer any integration with Infusionsoft. Pairing Sensei and Memberium, you can do the following:
  • Automated Course Enrollment
  • Course/Lesson access controlled by Infusionsoft tags
  • Apply tags in Infusionsoft when a course is completed
  • Apply tags in Infusionsoft when a lesson has been completed
Keep reading for details into each of these.

Integration Details

Sensei Course and Lesson Access

Sensei courses and lessons can use the full set of Memberium access controls. The Memberium Content Protection Metabox enables you to control access at both the course and lesson levels based on tags, membership levels, and more. Use this setting on the course page to protect the entire course including all of its modules and lessons. Modules and lessons will inherit the protections set on the course page, so you don’t need to protect each one individually.

Automated Course Enrollment

You can use tags to automate enrolling users into Sensei courses. Like our other LMS integrations, members without the tag will be removed from the course if their enrollment tag is removed. Setting this up is super simple. Just find the “Sensei Memberium Integration” box on the course page and in the first box “AutoEnroll Tags” just input the tag or tags that you’d like to use for auto-enrollment. Usually, this will be the tag from a membership level you’re using to protect the course, but it could be something different. Keep in mind that members will need to be enrolled and also have the necessary tags/memberships from the Content Protection Metabox.

Sensei Course and Lesson Completion

Once a member completes a course or lesson, you can apply tags to the member in Infusionsoft, trigger a campaign API goal, or run an Infusionsoft Actionset. You could use this feature to:
  • Track course completion in Infusionsoft based on tags
  • Setup an automated reminder campaign that sends an email if they don’t complete a lesson every few days
  • Trigger a campaign on course completion that tries to sell the member another course on your site
These are just some basic examples of how you can leverage Infusionsoft’s automation capabilities using Memberium and Sensei.

Course Design

Memberium doesn’t affect or impact the design/front-end experience your members will see. Sensei provides a clean, modern layout for your members to interact with your course by default. You can use CSS to change the layout Sensei provides. One thing we found in our testing was that you’ll want to set up modules in your courses. Modules contain lessons and group them together. If you don’t use modules and just add lessons to a course without grouping them, your course will look like it does below (top). Using modules, you’ll get a result like the bottom image. To setup modules, simply go to the courses tab and click “Modules”. From there, you’ll be able to create modules and assign them to specific courses. With your modules created, you can assign lessons to the modules on each individual lesson page:

Pricing, Support, and Final Thoughts

Sensei provides many options for site owners wanting to offer a more advanced learning experience for their members. Pricing for Sensei is simple. The core plugin, which includes most of the features you need, is 100% free. There are paid extensions that add additional capabilities. To install Sensei, you can go into your WordPress admin dashboard, Plugins, Add New, and search “Sensei”: Lastly, how do you get support for Sensei LMS? If you have a question about the core plugin that’s free, support is done by opening a thread on the WordPress repository page. The paid extensions offer access to a dedicated support team. More details about this can be found here.

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