Infusionsoft Membership Site for Custom Affiliate Resources

Learn how to use Infusionsoft and Memberium to create a custom affiliate (referral partner) membership area in WordPress where you can create resources for your users as well as automatically log them into the Infusionsoft referral partner center to track their stats.

Dashboard Page

In the video, you saw the page above which is the affiliate/referral partner homepage. These three items at the top are simply links to three separate pages that are each covered below.

To build this on your site, use your page builder or some HTML to add 3 buttons, images, or boxes like you see above and then link them to separate pages. On those separate pages, we’ll add the actual code that makes the affiliate features work.

Affiliate Links Page

Shortcode Used: [memb_affiliate]

Once you understand how to add the links to this page, you’ll be able to build out as many links and banners (covered below) as you need.

The only “tricky” part is getting the links from Infusionsoft – and that isn’t even that difficult.

    • Step 1
      After you’ve set up your referral partner system in Infusionsoft and created at least one link in Infusionsoft, login as a test referral partner.
      After logging in, get a tracking link as shown in the screenshot below…
    • Step 2
      Modify the copied tracking link by replacing the ?p=xxxxx with ?p=[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]Example:

      Pricing Page: <a href="[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]&w=pricing-page" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]&w=pricing-page</a>

      It is important to note that your link may look slightly different than the one above. Regardless, the only think you need to do is replace the affiliate code with the shortcode that dynamically brings the affiliate code in.

    • Step 3
      Include as many links on the page as needed. For example, here is the backend of our affiliate links page:
      And here is the final result…
      The part of our links where it says ?p= would be changed for each affiliate – they code would appear in there such as ?p=ben.

Affiliate Banners Page

Shortcode Used: [memb_affiliate]

Setting up the affiliate banners is almost identical to the above steps except you simply include an image and some HTML for your affiliates to copy and embed on their sites.

      • Step 1
        Get the same tracking links that you’re using in the previous step with the embedded memb_affiliate shortcode.
        Example:[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]&w=pricing-page


      • Step 2
        Merge that link into this code below. Make sure to replace the link in both places that say YOUR_LINK_HERE

        <div id="dlwrap"><h3>Banner Preview...</h3>
        <a href="YOUR_LINK_HERE" target="_blank"><img src="YOUR_IMAGE_URL_HERE" alt="" /></a><br />
        <strong>To Use This Banner, Copy & Paste the HTML Code Below Into Any HTML Area On Your Site...</strong>
        <textarea><a href="YOUR_LINK_HERE" target="_blank"><img src="YOUR_IMAGE_URL_HERE" alt="" /></a><br /></textarea>
      • Step 3
        Change the YOUR_IMAGE_URL_HERE with a link to an image of the banner. We highly suggest hosting those banners on Amazon S3 or another file hosting service and not on WordPress.
      • Step 4
        The final code should look something like this…

        <div id="dlwrap"><h3>Banner Preview...</h3>
        <a href="[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]&w=pricing-page" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" /></a><br />
        <strong>To Use This Banner, Copy & Paste the HTML Code Below Into Any HTML Area On Your Site...</strong>
        <textarea><a href="[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]&w=pricing-page" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" /></a><br /></textarea>

        The above code is just an example and should not be copied. Copy the previous code example and add your links in as directed.

Once you place that code on a page, here is the end result….

Note: the highlighted text is where the Memberium shortcode brought in the logged-in affiliate’s referral partner code. This portion of the code will change depending on who is logged in.

The example above looks very basic, but your chosen WordPress theme will add certain styling to make the fonts and things match. Customize the HTML or use CSS as needed to get the desired look.

Commission Earnings Page

Shortcodes Used: [memb_affiliate_running_totals][memb_affiliate_login]

      • Step 1
        On a new page, copy and paste the code below…

        <h2>Affiliate Commissions</h2>
        Total Amount Earned: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=AmountEarned]
        Chargebacks: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=Clawbacks]
        Payments Sent to You: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=Payments]
        Running Balance: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=RunningBalance]
        <h2>Advanced Statistics</h2>

The output of the code above would look something similar to this…

Of course, you can add more info as needed and customize the styling, but this is the core functionality.

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