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Infinite Keap Integration

Infinite Keap Integration

Memberium isn’t like any other platform that supposedly “integrates” with Keap (formerly Infusionsoft). It was built to work exclusively with Infusionsoft (now Keap) from the ground up. Memberium was originally created based on what top internet marketers wanted from their membership plugin.

Which was something that would allow them to run a fast, powerful and automated membership site that they could depend on. Some of Memberium’s earliest customers were John Assaraf, Jeff Walker and Digital Marketer.

Being based on what top marketers wanted combined with being built exclusively for Keap, you get an infinite number of options that you can use to easily automate your membership or course so it will be able to grow, thrive and operate on it’s own.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We use Memberium when building all of our membership sites. Memberium is hands down the best membership plugin available for Infusionsoft.

The plugin can handle membership sites of any size and the security is impeccable. I recommend Memberium for ANY business owner wanting a safe, reliable, and profitable membership site.
Ryan Deiss
CEO of Digital Marketer
My team and I have used SEVERAL membership platforms in the past and NOTHING can compare to features & functionality provided by Memberium. It is hands down my favorite Infusionsoft add-on.

I LOVE IT…. And, I highly recommend using Memberium to any Small Business Owner who wants to leverage their business and Infusionsoft success.
Loral Langemeier
5 Time New York Times Best Selling Author & CEO / Founder of Live Out Loud

Having an Infinite Keap Integration with your membership platform will help save you a ton of time and headaches from things not working with Keap. There will be much less time spent on manual repetitive tasks along with all the benefits you’ll get from having an automated membership site or course that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on it’s own.

Other membership platforms will limit what you can do with Keap if they weren’t built to work with it from the start. With Memberium, Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) comes first. This gives you an infinite number of options that you can leverage to easily automate your membership site or course.

This is just one of the reasons why so many leading entrepreneurs prefer to use Memberium as their membership platform.

Here’s an overview of all the features Included Inside the Infinite Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) integration…

Be able to offer an unlimited number of courses or memberships that get automatically delivered to your customers immediately after they sign up.

This allows your members to login automatically after they purchase your program or anytime you email them in the future without them having to bother with any passwords.

Full Control Over What Content People See Based on the Infusionsoft or Keap Tags They Have

Only want to show a specific offer or a special piece of content to certain groups customers? You can easily show or hide content on your WP site based on the tags someone has.

Allow your customers to easily update and manage their credit card info like it's on auto pilot. Be able to automatically send reminders to customers to update their card when it expires, is about to expire or when their payment fails.

Anytime a member already has a card on file from a past purchase, you can offer them an unlimited number of one click upsell offers in your members area.

Want to sell group memberships to teams, companies, or corporations? Our Umbrella accounts add-on allows you to offer a any type of group membership plan. Whether that's allowing a member to add one additional person, or up to 5,000+ members under their account.

Allow your customers to be able to view and download any past paid invoices and their purchase history. You can even allow them to pay past due invoices through your website with one click.

This allows you to automatically cut off a member's access to your site when their monthly or yearly payment fails. You can also automatically send them reminders to pay their past due payment and restore their access automatically once it's been paid.

Choosing among plenty of demos you will be able to find your unique stylish design perfectly meeting your requirements and ideas. As a cherry on pie you get specially drawn icons.

Leverage a wide range of shortcodes that help you connect Infusionsoft to your site and better automate your course or membership site. You'll also get a wide range of other shortcodes that allow you to create almost anything you can think of.

We have built in integrations to 25+ other plugins that help you connect Infusionsoft to some of your favorite plugins and better automate them with Infusionsoft or Keap.

Automate the painful process of having to collect important documents or files from your customers. Allow them to upload them through your site and send out automated reminders until they do so.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you'll get with Memberium. Learn more about the six other components that make Memberium the most efficient and effective way to build your course or membership site...

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