i2SDK Plugin Configuration

App Name

To connect Memberium to your Infusionsoft account, we need to know your Infusionsosft appname. Your app name is the first part of your Infusionsoft URL. For example, if your URL is http://az169.infusionsoft.com/, then your app name is az169.


Navigate over the “Infusionsoft” logo at the top left of your application and allow the menu to drop down. On the far right of the main menu, under the “Admin” section, go to “Settings”.

On the Left side of the “Settings” page, there’s a menu, click on “Application”.

Scroll down on that page to the header that says “API”. The top two options are what we need to connect Memberium/i2SDK with your Infusionsoft application. If you have already set your API settings before, then there should be an alphanumeric (letter and number) code to the right of the “Encrypted Key:” label. If there is not a alphanumeric code next to the “encrypted key” label we just need to generate it. Enter a random code or password (that you’ll remember) into the textbox labeled “API Passphrase” and scroll down to the bottom and click “Save”.

If you scroll back down to the “API” section, there should be an alphanumeric code for your Encrypted Key. KEEP IN MIND: This API key should only be shared internally and with contractors and should not be given to any other outside sources other than API Developers seeking to integrate your Infusionsoft application with third-party applications and services that may require it for setup.


Recommended Setting: Off

This setting controls whether or not each API call is logged to a database log. This function is only useful when doing debugging and we recommend disabling it unless necessary. When debugging is complete, the API log should be purged.

Email Error Notifications

Recommended Setting: Off

Whether or not to send email notifications on API errors. By default this is off, and no emails are sent.

Infusionsoft Web Analytics

Recommended Setting: On

This setting controls whether or not to automatically insert Infusionsoft Website analytics onto your sites pages. When using this setting it is unnecessary to run other plugins to insert the tracking codes.

The Infusionsoft tracking tools provide you with a well-rounded picture of marketing results, including automatically assigning a lead source to each website visitor so you know where they originate, capturing and calculating an average time on page per visitor, storeing visitor system information and page visits so you can identify browsing trends, generating contact web profiles from the visitor records when a contact signs up through a form, clicks a link, or purchases, tracking the number of contacts who have visited each web page and displaying the results in the web analytics report, tracking the number of customers who visited each page at some point in the past and displays the results in the web analytics report.

Notification Email Address

Recommended Setting: Blank

This setting controls what email address is used to send API error notifications to if the Email Error Notifications setting is turned On. By default, if this setting is blank, then notifications are sent to the site admin email address. If this field is filled in, then notifications are sent here instead.

HTTP Send POST Auth Keys

This is a list of keys to use to secure your HTTP POST calls from Infusionsoft. By default a single random key is created when you install and activate the plugin. You can create additional keys by typing them into the box and separating them with commas. Enabling multiple keys allow you to easily transition from an old key to a new key if needed.

Unlike other systems we do not recommend using any part of your Infusionsoft API key to create your Auth Keys for security reasons.

Transaction Retry Count

Recommended Setting: 3

Periodically the Infusionsoft API server will incorrectly return an error instead of successfully processing the request. This situation is detectable. This setting controls how many times the i2SDK will retry your API command if the server returns a false error.

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