How to Use Infusionsoft API Goals with Memberium for Infusionsoft

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In this post, you will learn how to trigger Infusionsoft/Keap campaign sequences without using tags but instead using API goals. I’ll show you the main ways to trigger API Goals using Memberium right from your WordPress membership site.

What Are API Goals?

Like tag goals, purchase goals, or any other campaign goal in Infusionsoft, API goals are just another way to trigger a campaign. The difference is that API goals are triggered by the… API.

Typically, you’d have to use custom coding to trigger them, but using Memberium for Infusionsoft on your WordPress membership site enables you to easily trigger these at a moment’s notice.

Why Should I Use API Goals over Tags?

Using API goals instead of tag goals has several advantages…

  1. Fewer tags to manage overall
  2. Fewer steps to build out – no need to remove the tag after applying it
  3. API goals are easily triggered multiple times

In general, you can reduce how many tags are in your Infusionsoft app by using API goals to trigger sequences. There will still be cases where a tag goal may make more sense, but we’ve found that most membership site actions that trigger a campaign don’t need tags to begin with and can be replaced with an API goal.

The great thing about API goals is that they are reusable, so to speak. They can be triggered as many times as you’d like, over and over. This has its benefits depending on what you’re building out.

How do I use API Goals with Memberium?

The primary way to trigger API campaign builder goals is using Memberium shortcodes.

We have a dedicated shortcode for triggering these goals called [memb_acheive_goal]

Many of our shortcodes, such as [memb_add_creditcard] and [memb_actionset_button], have a parameter titled “goals” which lets you specify an API goal to be triggered when a successful action is completed.

Some of our plugin integrations also allow you to trigger these goals. For example, Memberium’s LearnDash integration lets you run an API goal when someone completes a course:

Setup in WordPress

On your WordPress membership site, you’ll use a shortcode or other Memberium integration feature to specify the API Goal name. Spacing and capitalization matter.

Here is a shortcode example: [memb_actionset_button goals=MyGoal]

In that example, I’m using a Memberium shortcode to generate a button. Anytime some clicks that button the API goal “MyGoal” will be triggered in Infusionsoft.

Setup in Your Infusionsoft Campaign

Once you have the shortcode/trigger set up in WordPress, you need to create the corresponding API Goal Trigger in an Infusionsoft campaign.

Open the campaign builder and find the API goal item which looks like this:

In my case, I have connected my goal to a basic sequence like this:

Now, open the API goal to finish the setup. You’ll see the setup modal popup. Only change the Call Name field. Don’t change the integration field.

The Call Name field will be the name that you chose in the previous steps. Mine was “MyGoal” so I would simply place MyGoal in the Call Name box.

Keep in mind that capitalization does matter here – the call name is case sensitive.

Here is how it should look when the setup is complete.


Once you’ve finished the setup, publish the campaign and any pages you changed in WordPress and then run a simple test.

Trigger the API goal in WordPress as a non-admin test user. You cannot test Memberium features as an admin user since Memberium doesn’t sync admin accounts to Infusionsoft for security reasons.

Learn more about creating a test account.

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