How to Enable Your Customers To Update Their Credit Cards

Handling Credit Cards

Memberium does not store your customer’s credit card information, that information is stored securely in Infusionsoft. Memberium does enable your members to add their updated cards to your system.

Being able to update your customer’s card on file is a very important feature. Not only do cards regularly expire, but with credit card theft on the rise, it’s increasingly frequent that cards are replaced before their scheduled expiration date.

You Need SSL / HTTPS

In order to enable your customers to enter their card information through your site, you will need SSL encryption. There are many options for SSL certificates out there.

If you’re technical, you can purchase and install an SSL certificate yourself. However, most web hosts are happy to take care of this process for you. In either case you may need to purchase an add-on service to add a static IP to your account, and pay an annual fee for the certificate itself.

Pro Tip
SSL can interfere with Infusionsoft’s ability to communicate with your site via HTTP POST.Be sure not to force your entire site to SSL. You can use a plugins to control which pages require SSL and which don’t.

Infusionsoft’s SSL Challenges

Infusionsoft’s had some difficulties using HTTP POST to connect to sites with caches, proxies, different SSL certificates and hosting setups. There’s no comprehensive guide as to what setups will cause problems, so we recommend setting it up and testing it thoroughly. The problem is most evident when using the makepass HTTP POST to generate passwords.

Creating a Credit Card Update Page

Create a new page on your site. You can name it anything you wish.

Set the page protections to “Any Logged In User”.

Adding the Creditcard Update Code

You can either use one of our pre-built templates, or you can add the creditcard update code manually yourself.

To manually add the code to your page, add the following shortcode to the page:


To install the pre-built template, find the “Membership Templates” box and select one of the Payment Details templates, and save the page:



If you view the page and cannot see the credit card update form, double check to make sure that you have SSL enabled. If SSL is not available, the credit card update form will not appear.

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This WordPress action hook enables you to run your code as soon as Memberium has finished it’s initialization hook. No parameters are passed by this hook.

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