How to Embed Affiliate Banner Code On Your Membership Site

In this post, I’m going to show you how to embed affiliate banners in your membership site for your affiliates to swipe the code and put your banners on their site.

  • Step 1
    Create a New Custom Shortcode (Memberium > Custom Shortcodes) Called “Referral Partner Banners” and add this to it…

    <div id="dlwrap"><h3>Banner Preview...</h3>
    <a href="https://[memb_appname]{{atts:link}}/[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]" target="_blank"><img src="{{atts:imgurl}}" alt="" /></a><br />
    <strong>To Use This Banner, Copy & Paste the HTML Code Below Into Any HTML Area On Your Site...</strong>
    <textarea><a href="https://[memb_appname]{{atts:link}}/[memb_affiliate fields=AffCode]" target="_blank"><img src="{{atts:imgurl}}" alt="" /></a><br /></textarea>
  • Step 2
    Create a new page called “Banners and set its Parent Page as your Referral Partner Page
  • Step 3
    Add This Shortcode to that Page and Change the Variables the image is whatever banner image you have, the link variable is your Infusionsoft referral tracking link code.
    [membc_referral-partner-banners imgurl=”PUT_IMAGE_URL_HERE” link=”PUT_INFUSIONSOFT_TRACKING_LINK_CODE_HERE”]

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