How to Choose a Theme

Themes vs. Plugins

In the WordPress ecosystem, themes control the look and feel of the site, and plugins control the functionality. This separation of design from function also enables you to install updates in small pieces without risking updating everything at once.

Are there any known theme conflicts when using Memberium?

The code behind Memberium conforms to the strict standards set for WordPress plugin development and is designed to function correctly with other well-written plugins and themes, however conflicts can and do happen.

Separation of Powers

In the WordPress ecosystem, plugins like Memberium control functionality and business logic. Themes control how that data is displayed. Not all themes support the same features, and may not support all Memberium features. A notable example is that many “builder” themes don’t support displaying excerpts. We always recommend testing throughout the development process to understand how your chosen theme works.

Just because a theme doesn’t support a specific feature does not make that a conflict.

Common Theme Choices

The list of theme choices is not limited to those above. These listed themes are merely the themes that we’ve seen Memberium sites running with.

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