Guide to Using Confirmation Link in Memberium

confirmation link memberium

You must have seen confirmation links in emails, and its like a compulsory step to proceed forward when creating an account on the site. For example, without clicking on the confirmation link from the email, on some sites it won’t be possible to purchase the product, or you won’t be able to access the site any further. When it comes to confirmation link in Memberium, they also work much similarly, but with a few additional functionalities. In this small guide, you’ll learn the benefits of using confirmation link and how you can use them in your campaign. Let’s get started!

confirmation link memberium

Benefits of using confirmation link

The confirmation link in Memberium performs two important functions. You can autologin the user and redirect to a particular page, and also generate a password for the user. Basically just like other sites, you can perform this authentication step without which their account won’t be created on your site, nor password would be generated.

  • Helps prevent spam registrations to some extent since clicking on the confirmation link is required.
  • Helps verify the email of the user.
  • Autologs in the user, and redirects them. Example, if you’d like, then you can redirect users to their Dashboard, My Account page, change password page, etc.
  • Generates a password for the user, without using any HTTP post or any additional steps.

Using confirmation link

Its very simple and easy to use the confirmation link.

Go to Memberium > Settings and click on HTTP posts/links tab. You’d now be able to find your confirmation link example on this page. It would be something like this:

Now you’d just need to add this to your Infusionsoft email template and it’s that simple!

By default this link will redirect users to your site’s homepage, but you can also redirect the user to a particular page using the “redirect” parameter. Example:

Hope this short guide will help you in using the confirmation link in Memberium.

Related: You can also take a look at autologin link documentation from here.

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